TRAFFIC CAMERAS Proposal stuck at red light

The ordinance will remain tabled, a councilman says.
GIRARD -- While council has stalled an ordinance to install cameras at traffic lights, the city administration has interviewed another company that leases the equipment.
Mayor James Melfi and Safety Director Jerry Lambert met with officials from Nestor Traffic Systems of Rhode Island on Thursday and received a demonstration of the equipment.
"It was very impressive," Melfi said. "In a half-hour, the cameras spotted 40 drivers going 12 miles over the speed limit."
The cameras were set up on State Street.
"It's a safety issue, we have too many speeders and we have minimum police staffing," Lambert said. He noted that company officials told him that after leaving Girard they were heading to Boardman to demonstrate the equipment for officials there.
"What this technology can do is very impressive," Lambert said.
Councilman Frank Migliozzi, who had proposed the ordinance in March, asked last month to have the motion tabled. Migliozzi could not be reached to comment.
Councilman Tom Seidler, who sits on the city's safety committee with Migliozzi, said he knows of no plans to have council vote on the matter now.
State ban
Seidler noted that the Ohio Legislature is considering legislation that would ban cameras installed at intersections unless a law officer was present to hand out tickets.
The Ohio House of Representatives voted 73-24 on May 18 to approve the measure and forward it to the Senate.
"I think we should wait until we find out what the state does," Seidler said.
In April, council listened to an hour-long presentation by Allen Shutt, president of Traffipax of Columbia, Md., about what his company could offer the city. The video cameras would be set to nab speeders and those who go through red lights, Shutt said.
Shutt said the video camera records vehicles at and near traffic lights. There also will be sensors placed at the intersection that are connected to the video camera that will monitor the traffic flow and traffic signal.

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