Plastic bins alleviate space concerns in fridge

Dear Heloise: I live full time in my motor home and have a very small refrigerator, so space is tight. I have an easy way to use my fridge more efficiently that could be useful to others, especially if they have trouble reaching into the back.
I bought plastic bins just slightly smaller than each shelf and placed the food inside. Now it's easy to slide each bin out and see the entire contents of a shelf. For wide shelves, two bins could be used side by side. It allows me to stack items on top of each other without their toppling over.
Added bonus: When something spills or leaks, the mess is isolated to one bin and can't drip onto the shelf below.
Love your column! I read it on the road through the Washington Post's Web site. Louise H., officially from Richland, Wash., but living all over our beautiful country.
Louise, this must also help items in your fridge stay put while under way! Heloise
Dear Heloise: I just had to write after a recent stay at a hotel. I was shocked at the lack of consideration shown by fellow travelers. I realize doors need to shut hard to ensure that they lock securely, but you would think that people wouldn't let them slam late at night or early in the morning. We unfortunately got a room that was right above the pool and hot tub. People stayed out there until very late, and they were loud! Also, children should not be allowed to run up and down the hallways noisily without adult supervision. We didn't have a very good night! Weary Traveler in Texas
Nothing is worse than not being able to rest because of the noise level. If this happens again, contact the front desk or security if the noise continues, or you might be able to change rooms. Heloise
P.S. Parents, if you think your children are safe playing in the halls, stairways or elevators, you are wrong!
Dear Heloise: We have a vacation cottage that we use about once a month or so. We have decided that we are going to rent it out during some of the time when we're not there. My husband suggested that we take photos of every room of the cottage so that we would have them in the case of an insurance claim. I thought it was a wonderful idea. Rhonda in Oklahoma
Dear Heloise: I am a licensed plumber and would like to alert people to a possible problem with dental floss. Do not throw it away in a toilet or any other drain, because it can end up adhering to other pieces of floss and cause a clog that might be hard to bypass. Harris Sanders, via e-mail
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