Elderly Affairs workers in Trumbull County agree to wage freeze

WARREN -- Trumbull County commissioners approved a wage freeze agreement Thursday for workers in the Trumbull County Office of Elderly Affairs.
The agreement with Teamsters Local 377 extends two bargaining agreements in the office from July 31 through July 31, 2006. These pacts affect 36 employees.
Last month, bargaining units representing Trumbull County employees in four other offices agreed to the wage freeze.
American Federation of State, County & amp; Municipal Employees Locals 2493, 3808 and 3808-A represent more than 200 employees in the commissioner's, treasurer's, clerk of courts' and recorder's offices. Their current contracts were to expire in July but now will be enforced until July 31, 2006.
For both the Teamsters and AFSCME, however, the county did agree to pick up an additional portion of the employees' share of public employee retirement contribution.
For Elderly Affairs, that's 2 percent of the employees' pension contribution effective Jan. 1, 2006, and an additional 1 percent the following year. There are no step increases and all facets of the freeze will also apply to the non-union personnel at Elderly Affairs.
Commissioners are hoping that unions representing even more offices, such as the auditor, prosecutor and courts, will take the same freeze in light of county finances this year.

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