1st--Ed Venture(Holliday)2.602.402.10
Spirit of Osborne(G Grismore)2.802.10
Polo Star(W Irvine)2.10
Exacta 7-9 Paid $9.20, Trifecta 7-9-1 Paid $49.20.
2nd--Ate The Table(Perrin)4.802.802.10
Tree Top Tall(W Popio)5.203.20
Salt Free(G Grismore)2.60
Exacta 2-9 Paid $23.60, Trifecta 2-9-3 Paid $98.80, Daily Double 7-2 Paid $5.40.
3rd--Willard Jr(J Perrin)
Lin-Mar Brat(A Merriman)3.002.80
Fax Me The Message(M Wollam)7.40
Exacta 1-2 Paid $12.00, Trifecta 1-2-6 Paid $157.60.
4th--Double Trouble(Grismor)3.803.002.40
Hand Me No Lines(A Merriman)4.403.00
Accanto Hanover(K Holliday)2.80
Exacta 6-9 Paid $12.40, Superfecta 6-9-3-8 Paid $77.40.
5th--Laines Replica(Merriman)3.202.402.20
Sandman Sam(R Eidens)4.603.40
Hoosier Choice(K Kash Jr)6.20
Exacta 3-1 Paid $10.40, Trifecta 3-1-8 Paid $137.80, Pick Three 1/2,4,6/3 3 OF 3 Paid $16.00.
6th--Blazin Bay(G Grismore)5.802.603.80
Be Firm With Lisa(C Myrick)3.603.60
Denise Hall(A Merriman)9.80
Exacta 5-4 Paid $19.80, Trifecta 5-4-3 Paid $196.20.
7th--American Challenge5.203.00 2.40
Earl The First(A Merriman)3.203.00
Blue Snapper(R Angus)7.60
Exacta 4-9 Paid $16.60, Trifecta 4-9-8 Paid $163.00, Superfecta 4-9-8-1 Paid $681.60.
8th--Look Another Merriman)3.202.402.20
Son of Kitty Bowl(C Wyers)2.602.80
Mj's Master Mind(W Irvine)8.80
Exacta 5-1 Paid $6.60, Trifecta 5-1-2 Paid $64.00, Pick Three 5/4,7/5 3 OF 3 Paid $72.60.
9th--Look Duke(Holliday)4.202.802.60
Defense Line(A Merriman)4.803.60
Houdini Hill(R Hopper III)4.00
Exacta 1-6 Paid $30.00, Trifecta 1-6-2 Paid $166.20.
10th--Jericho's King(Boring)3.202.60 2.20
Dave's Design(G Grismore)3.802.80
Olympic Hall(J Thompson)3.00
Exacta 5-3 Paid $12.00, Trifecta 5-3-1 Paid $25.60, Superfecta 5-3-1-4 Paid $110.20.
11th--Akins Road(T Boring)5.002.402.60
Glive(A Merriman)2.402.40
Mostly Magic(D Binskin)7.00
Exacta 1-2 Paid $6.60, Trifecta 1-2-9 Paid $88.60, Pick Three 1,8/2,5/1 3 OF 3 Paid $37.20.
12th--Good Message78.8023.40 16.00
M-Twentytwo(W Irvine)50.2023.60
Anastasia Broadway(J Conger)14.80
Exacta 3-4 Paid $1,413.00, Trifecta 3-4-2 Paid $5,482.00.
Pacificam(T Boring)2.102.10
Harry The(K Holliday)2.10
Exacta 7-1 Paid $31.00, Trifecta 7-1-8 Paid $126.00.
14th--Tribal Chief(Merriman)3.602.402.20
Special K(C Hershberger)3.002.40
V-Annas Spark(B Sturgeon)3.60
Exacta 3-9 $11.80, Late Double 7-3 Paid $41.60, Trifecta 3-9-2 Paid $79.40, Superfecta 3-9-2-1 Paid $481.80, Pick Three 3/7/3 3 OF 3 Paid $640.80, Pick Four 1/3/7/3 4 OF 4 Paid $4,928.20.
Attendance-22,49, Handle-$1,042,305
1st--Angel of War (Feliciano) 6.604.003.20
Wright Seeker (Cloninger)7.405.00
Fightforacure (Creary)4.80
Also ran: Moon Bay Dancer, City Luck, Diamond Laur and Winner's Quest.
Exacta (5-6) Paid $35.60, Trifecta (5-6-4) Paid $191.80, Superfecta (5-6-4-7) Paid $323.60.
3rd--The Skelligs (Creary)25.809.404.40
Its Michael (Feliciano)3.202.20
All Power (Magrell)3.20
Also ran: Exackary, Julesburg, Johnduffswood, Rapid Regal and J B's Crown.
Exacta (4-8) Paid $77.40, Trifecta (4-8-3) Paid $338.80, Superfecta (4-8-3-7) Paid $713.00, Pick 3 (5-7-4) Paid $262.00.
5th--Wicked Wanda (Spieth)
Paint My Dreams (Meyers)3.202.20
Just a Knockout (Creary)2.60
Also ran: Sister Jackson, Leah's Dolly, Check the Math, Bid of Vengence and Last Light.
Exacta (3-5) Paid $15.80, Trifecta (3-5-2) Paid $45.20, Superfecta (3-5-2-8) Paid $287.40, Pick 3 (4-1-3) Paid $153.80.
7th--Marine Gunny (Felix)4.803.402.80
You're a Funny Guy (Caminita)11.605.80
Solitary Starr (Skerrett)4.60
Also ran: Call Leader, Lumpy Rutherford, Sox On Top, Courageous Deputy and Cowboy Shane.
Exacta (8-2) Paid $65.40, Trifecta (8-2-1) Paid $264.60, Superfecta (8-2-1-5) Paid $1,383.50, Pick 3 (3-8-8) Paid $86.80.
9th--Misty Sabin (Spieth)7.403.002.40
Silent Sabina (Hemsley)3.002.40
Pyrite Wild (Creary)2.80
Also ran: Unbelievable Reba, My Last Dollar, Boo Boo Can't Walk, Millennium Aly, Rhodes Power and About Time Millie.
Exacta (7-5) Paid $16.00, Trifecta (7-5-1) Paid $32.00, Superfecta (7-5-1-8) Paid $69.60, Pick 3 (8-3-7) Paid $96.00.
11th--D J's Jubilee (Felix)6.603.403.20
Little Hi (Spieth)3.403.40
Gambling Gold (Rosendo)5.40
Also ran: Yelp, Offhand, Fleet Boss, Bragg Power, Born Dusty and Mad Kipper.
Exacta (4-3) Paid $27.80, Trifecta (4-3-9) Paid $415.40, Superfecta (4-3-9-1) Paid $761.30, Pick 3 (7-5-4) Paid $108.00.
13th--Crafty Wac (Skerrett)56.4022.6011.80
Sweet Sailin (Creary)8.204.40
Offthebench (Cloninger)4.80
Also ran: Numerically, Hearts of Jones, Queenscliff, Lotsa Class, Eyeshadow, Glitterin' Gold and Madaboutloot.
Exacta (3-7) Paid $359.80, Trifecta (3-7-4) Paid $3,902.00, Superfecta (3-7-4-1) Paid $24,107.60, Pick 3 (4-4-3) Paid $2,847.20.
15th--Perr Sabin (Mailhot)13.606.204.40
Decimal Point (Hill)12.806.20
Heart Flash (Peltroche)3.40
Also ran: Par Rules, Piranha, Ridin the Blues, Nonno Guido, Howies Hungry, Ginger Daddy, Sheep Canyon, Sir Enchantment and Fuzzy Ferd.
Exacta (9-5) Paid $195.20, Trifecta (9-5-10) Paid $1,114.00, Superfecta (9-5-10-12) Paid $3,094.20.
FRIDAY -- 2:30 P.M.
1st--1 Mile 70 Yards Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $8,100.
Cat in the Country, Rosendo, 116; Classy Jack Clark, Felix, 116; He's Back, Rojas, 116; Point Click, Spieth, 116; Stigler's Sorrel, Oro, 116; Newt's Big Boy, Martinez, 116; Similkameen Maan, Deveaux, 116.
3rd--1 Mile 70 Yards Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 3,500 - 3,500 Purse $6,500.
Spry Street, Munaylla, 116; Demi Deluxe, Rosendo, 116; Truckin On, Rojas, 116; Dendillo, Spieth, 116; Cooperstown, Cloninger, 116; Stormin Man, Felix, 116; Franco Dinero, Feliciano, 116.
5th--1 Mile 70 Yards Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Maiden Claiming 3,500 - 3,500 Purse $6,500.
Z Dinner, Feliciano, 115; Whistler, Mailhot, 122; Out for Sin, Spieth, 115; Safe Today, Martinez, 122; Wicked Zip, Felix, 122; Prospectaire, Creary, 122; P. T.'s Captain, Peltroche, 115.
7th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Fillies and Mares Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $7,400.
Puzzle Girl, Caminita, 116; Princess Ginny, Bracho, 116; Marcy's Hope, Rojas, 116; Bobbie's Brat, Martinez, 117; Tangled Mind, Mailhot, 116;
Peggy's Approval, Felix, 116; Coax Me a Grand, Spieth, 122; Darby's Price, Creary, 106.
9th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Fillies and Mares Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $6,600.
Had to Be You, Bracho, 116; Paris Amie, Creary, 116; Canagua, Rosendo, 111; Spicy Colony, Rojas, 117; Curls, Mailhot, 119; Granny's Gal, Magrell, 116; Miss Foxly, Caminita, 116; Maria's Posada, Spieth, 111.
11th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $7,400.
Poco Rey, Martinez, 116; Tekki, Spieth, 116; Just Us Honey, Felix, 116; Motion Study, Feliciano, 116; Jason's Five K Run, Cloninger, 116; Seven Hearts, Peltroche, 116; Final Step, Bracho, 119; Dinkers Good News, Rosendo, 116.
13th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $6,600.
Mighty Wild Dude, Skerrett, 111; Captain Binge, Cloninger, 116; Hear Come Peanut, Magrell, 116; Bold Tactician, Munaylla, 116; Slew's Colony, Deveaux, 116; Military Presence, Felix, 116; Tudif, Creary, 109.
1st--Purse $11,100, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), One Mile.
Shillelagh, P. Mailhot, 115; Executioness Fires, S. Spieth, 121; Mt. Katmai, A. Ramgeet, 115; Petite Mermaid, A. Hernandez, 115; Speck of Peace, P. Walker, 115; Wildinthepark, J. Stokes, 115; Scrutinize, M. Andrews, 110; Lone Star Dixie, M. Ccamaque, 115; Jill's Cat, C. Murphy, 110; Baby Angel, D. Parker, 115; Hefty Taxes, D. Brinkley, 115; Stay On Course, O. Pereira, 115.
2nd--Purse $11,600, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five And A Half Furlongs.
Wilhebeacrook, J. Rivera, Jr., 118; Four Beers, L. Quinones, 115; Monarchoftheglen, D. Parker, 115; Well Educated, D. Brinkley, 115; Exposer, B. Walker, Jr., 115; Event, D. Williams, 115; Fitstoatee, L. Rivera, 115; Hard Card, P. Walker, 115; Joe Favorite, D. Whitney, 118; Foreign Image, R. Stokes, III, 118.
3rd--Purse $11,100, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five Furlongs.
Thisbirdcanfly, L. Rivera, 118; Copper Criminal, D. Whitney, 115; Dixieland Moon, H. Villa-Gomez, 115; No Regular Cat, M. Ccamaque, 115; Deer Power, L. Mawing, 118; Easy Change, R. Stokes, III, 115; Year End Bonus, D. Parker, 121.
4th--Purse $11,100, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five Furlongs.
Fort Masada, H. Villa-Gomez, 115; Wild Texas, A. Hernandez, 115; Cannacorn, S. Gonzalez, Jr., 115; Ordinal, A. Ramgeet, 115; Don Juan, D. Parker, 115; Divine Quest, B. Marcial, 121; Mount Zao, D. Brinkley, 121.
5th--Purse $10,700, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One Mile.
Mr. Spiderman, P. Walker, 115; Play It Softly, A. Ramgeet, 115; Flavour Flavour, R. Stokes, III, 118; Swing Your Lady, J. Baez, 108; Hello Victory, D. Whitney, 115; Be the Glory, M. Ccamaque, 115; Cinquante Cinq, O. Pereira, 118; Fulham, J. Rivera, Jr., 115; Cool Criminal, C. Torres, 115; Run for Fun, J. Stokes, 115; John William, B. Marcial, 115; Stormin Tony, D. Parker, 115; Springer, B. Long, 115.
6th--Purse $11,200, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five Furlongs.
Aint, A. Hernandez, 121; Touch Silver, J. Davila, 121; Nice N Nasty, H. Villa-Gomez, 121; Explosive Play, D. Whitney, 121; Johnny One Note, D. Brinkley, 121; More Tell, A. Hernandez, 121; Strike M Red, B. Marcial, 121; Mister Vine, O. Pereira, 121; Jonker, D. Parker, 121; Back of the Pack, J. Davila, 121.
7th--Purse $25,000, Maiden special weight, 3 yo, Six Furlongs.
Mr Easy E, A. Ramgeet, 118; Sirr Purr, D. Jenkins, 118; Boston Mist, M. Ccamaque, 118; Search for a Star, B. Long, 118; Fourth Division, B. Marcial, 118; Sinful Tactics, D. Parker, 118; Havin' a Fun Run, D. Whitney, 118; Malibu Beau, R. Stokes, III, 118.
8th--Purse $25,000, Maiden special weight, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Six Furlongs.
Diamond Dancer, L. Quinones, 121; Lady Julie, J. Bracho, 114; Ms. Foolish Dancer, J. Stokes, 121; One O Three West, R. Stokes, III, 114; White Oak, O. Pereira, 121; Crossovertheline, C. Murphy, 121; Miss Stormy, D. Parker, 121; Avalon's Racer, M. Ccamaque, 114; Crystal Vite, P. Walker, 121; More Than This, B. Walker, Jr., 114; Darling Devon, J. Barria, 114; Fantastic Stick, D. Whitney, 114; Lunar Girl, L. Rivera, 121.
9th--Purse $13,600, Claiming $10,000-$8,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One Mile.
Don't Peek, C. Murphy, 115; Cash Dancer, T. Meyers, 115; Kwame, L. Quinones, 118; Castle Hill, M. Ccamaque, 113; Clear Title, D. Whitney, 115; Something Fierce, R. Stokes, III, 111; Bingobear, H. Villa-Gomez, 115; Kanani Roy, O. Pereira, 113; Honour Mission, B. Long, 115; C. C. Minister, D. Parker, 118; Tejano's Son, T. Nguyen, 111; Gotabeanureyev, J. Barria, 110.
10th--Purse $10,700, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One Mile.
Puledro, J. Stokes, 107; Thenardier, L. Quinones, 107; You O K, B. Marcial, 121; Adam's Way, D. Parker, 115; Lord Kenmer, D. Jenkins, 115; Number One Hammer, C. Torres, 115; Prayer Warrior, B. Long, 115; Defend Your Honor, J. Stokes, 115; Dance for Pharos, M. Ccamaque, 118; Air Kiss, P. Walker, 115; Boo Aahhhh, D. Williams, 115; Classy Legend, R. Stokes, III, 115. *
FRIDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--TROT, FMNW200PS, 2,000, 1 MI
Raq N Mi Kla,R Lippiatt; Final Chaser,G Daniels; Overnight Air,C Wyers; High Noon Hannah,T Boring; Carmel Eyes,C Myrick; Balancia Crown,D Binskin; Crossdressinkevin,K Cross; Seventh Lady,P Ross.
2nd--PACE, FMNW200PS, 2,000, 1 MI
Butt Kicker,C Wyers; Pleased Tomeetyou,K Kash Jr; H F Sheila,B Sturgeon; Noble Delight,J Thompson; Revais A,D Binskin; Serena Falcon,D Ross; Vendela,G Grismore; Ideal Jane,J Mapes; Alotta Dot,T Boring.
3rd--TROT, FMNW200PS, 2,000, 1 MI
Bonnie's Crown,M Purdy; Mark's Fine China,S Schillaci; Leprechaun Dream,J Thompson; Roydon Score,G Daniels; Aunt Frances,C Umholtz; Red Oak's Morgan,G Grismore; Mary My King,K Holliday; Danielle's Photo,A Merriman.
4th--PACE, FMNW200PS, 2,000, 1 MI
T C Shadow,B Sturgeon; Yankee Fawn,S Schillaci; Armbro Wonder,K Kash Jr; Village Catera,R Fisher Jr; Yankee Hotspur,T Boring; Alma Matter,A Merriman; Rocket Lady Red,J Mapes; New Dee Bar,F Harris; Ohiosky,C Wyers.
5th--TROT, FMNW250PS, 2,500, 1 MI
Creamy Score,M Robinson; Cuteasabutton,C Wyers; Sugar On Top,J Wengerd; Talladega Baby,A Merriman; Say Elaine,K Holliday; Isn't She Precious,K Kash Jr; Roll Me Over Two,G Grismore; Bella Windswept,F Harris.
6th--PACE, FMNW200PS, 2,000, 1 MI
Iwasborninamudhole,B Sturgeon; Marion's Girl,K Kash; Big Town Cassie,T Boring; Exciting Lighting,K Kash Jr; Ginny,J Thompson; Lead With Marilyn,D Binskin; Precious Tradition,F Harris; Falcon Ann,J Mapes; Blackwell,R Fisher Jr.
7th--PACE, FMNW250PS, 2,500, 1 MI
Melissa Monroe,D Binskin; Coluptuous,J Perrin; Town Toots,A Merriman; My Hotline,F Harris; Fairground Lady,J Mapes; Fatal Feline,G Grismore; Chocolate E Clair,K Kash Jr; Blue Rock Tyler,J Green; Wannanukem,T Boring.
8th--PACE, FM3000CL, 2,200, 1 MI
Fulmars Song,K Kash Jr; Brooklets Stacy,J Thompson; Patcando,T Boring; Lanas Knight N,A Merriman; Kissified,G Grismore; Bit O Ribs,S Schillaci; Royal Hummin,B Sturgeon; Bridie Cam,K Dicks; U Look Camtastic,K Holliday.
9th--PACE, FM OPN, 7,500, 1 MI
Anita Rush,R Fisher Jr; Noble Martha,S Schillaci; Shutupandkissme,K Kash Jr; Screaming Towner,K Holliday; Hidden Affair,J Perrin; A Diamond In June,T Boring.
10th--PACE, FMNW250PS, 2,500, 1 MI
Ally's Stormn Girl,M Wollam; I Izz Lizz,J Thompson; Mizz Oak,K Kash Jr; Princess Regal N,G Grismore; Modern Millie,A Merriman; Ccashleydash,T Boring; Dig In Allie,S Schillaci; New Age Woman N,R Fisher Jr; A Walkinthepark,B Sturgeon.
11th--PACE, FMNW300PS, 3,000, 1 MI
Conviction,C Myrick; Easy Sahbra,J Green; Future Trouble,A Merriman; Masquerade's Model,J Mapes; Sam's Desire,K Kash; Southseas Hanover,T Hall; Noble Lynette,G Grismore; Hawaii Connection,R Fisher Jr; Kick It In Kaylyn,T Boring.
12th--PACE, FMNW400PS, 4,000, 1 MI
Dark Flower,G Grismore; Dynastar,K Kash Jr; Fannie K,K Holliday; Fox Valley Oberon,J Thompson; Game Marion,B Sturgeon; Eda Finn,T Boring; M D Jewel,A Merriman; Miss Coalie,S Schillaci; Sand Lexie,R Fisher Jr.
13th--PACE, FMNW250PS, 2,500, 1 MI
Lizzytish,K Koch; Sweet and Mean,G Grismore; Trilex,J Thompson; Early Sensation,R Fisher Jr; Tucson Lace,F Harris; Dazzlingdownandout,T Boring; Sweet Steel Grey,B Sturgeon; Ineverwearum,K Kash Jr; Perty Star,A Merriman.
14th--PACE, FMNW200PS, 2,000, 1 MI
Lady Astray,J Mapes; O'malley,K Holliday; Carly Lee,K Kash; Ms Perfecta,K Kash Jr; Jazzy Sakra,B Sturgeon; Another Blinder N,A Merriman; Tracy The Kidd,G Grismore; Money Dot Com,J Green; Perfect Dance,F Harris.

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