MURDER TRIAL Defendant denies contact with victim

Glenn Scott said he was at a cousin's house when the shooting started.
YOUNGSTOWN -- One of two defendants on trial for murder in the shooting of a Youngstown man 18 months ago testified Wednesday that he wasn't present when James Revere was fatally wounded Nov. 23, 2003.
Glenn R. Scott, 22, of Youngstown, said in Mahoning County Commons Pleas Court that he spent more than four hours at the home of a cousin that Sunday when, according to police, Revere was shot while in his car on Hayman Street about 1:30 p.m. by three men firing from another car.
Another Youngstown man, Stephan Breedlove, 20, is also charged with aggravated murder in the shooting. He has not testified in the trial and hasn't had witnesses called in his behalf. A third defendant, Keon L. Richardson, is expected to go on trial later this summer.
All three men could face life imprisonment if convicted. Breedlove and Scott could face an additional five years in prison on gun specifications related to the crime.
Scott said that he went to the home of a cousin, Nicole Scott, on Upland Avenue to give a birthday present to Nicole's daughter, who had had a sleepover birthday party the previous night.
He said he arrived about 10:30 a.m., and that after visiting with family members and falling asleep in his cousin's room, he left between 3:30 p.m. and 4 p.m.
In response to questioning from his attorney, Ted Macejko Jr., Scott said he did not know Revere and did not see him Nov. 23, 2003. Scott said he had nothing to do with the shooting.
Prosecutor Tim Franken challenged Scott's account, suggesting that Scott went to his cousin's house just long enough for Revere's sister, who was one of the girls at the sleepover, to see him.
"You specifically wanted her to see you so you could set up an alibi," Franken said.
Franken also asked Scott about a conversation he had with an inmate named Lorice Jones while both were in the Mahoning County Jail.
Franken said, that according to Jones, Scott said that he had taken part in the shooting.
"You said that you were mad at Stephan because his gun didn't work and that you were going to show these young guys how to do it and that you finished off Revere," he said.
Scott said he never had a conversation with Jones.
In earlier testimony, Nicole Scott, who is also a cousin of Breedlove's, said that Glenn Scott was at her home after 3 p.m., when she left to take one of the girls home, but he was not there when she returned. She said it was not unusual for him to drop by and stay for a while.
Under cross-examination by Franken, Scott said she couldn't recall what she told police when they interviewed her in February 2004.
Franken recounted what she had told police at the time, including that she didn't see Glenn Scott arrive at her house, and didn't know when he had left.
"Not trying to be offensive, but do you often have problems with your memory?" Franken asked.
"No," Scott replied.
Testimony in the trial in Judge Jack M. Durkin's courtroom will conclude today, with the case expected to go to the jury by this afternoon.

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