1st--Flying Fire (Barria)
Geri Gold (Andrews)6.406.00
Sterling Road (Davila)29.80
Also ran: Playsomethingfast, Big Brown Cat, Cabinet Minister, Dixie Dan, Pauls So Lucky, Dancing Tune and Lord Storm. Perfecta (5-1) Paid $56.40, Trifecta (5-1-6) Paid $3,023.00.
2nd--Woodman's Star (Walker)
Captain Fina (Long)3.602.40
Elaines Rocket (Stokes)2.40
Also ran: Batman Robin, Selection, Rowdy Roy, Mineral Springs and Shadowflight. Daily Double (5-2) Paid $32.60, Perfecta (2-1) Paid $19.80, Trifecta (2-1-8) Paid $56.20, Consolation Double (5-3) Paid $9.60, Consolation Double (5-6) Paid $9.60.
Classic Visit (Spieth) 3.402.60
Sandalias (Gonzalez)3.60
Also ran: Eve Harrington, Hama's, Pacific Journey, Twisted Feather, Browns Velvet and Worththegamble. Perfecta (6-4) Paid $68.40, Trifecta (6-4-5) Paid $295.40.
4th--Air Kaper (Spieth)6.805.004.00
Daring Julie (Castaneda)13.807.20
Morty's Legacy (Ramgeet)8.00
Also ran: R Lady Deputy, Bella Noelle, Tornado Bait, Kid Carrots, Hopeful Heart and Southern Eyes. Perfecta (3-1) Paid $68.60, Trifecta (3-1-5) Paid $712.00.
5th--Deputy Call (Stokes)8.605.602.40
Abba Do (Long)6.802.40
Cody Light (Pereira)2.40
Also ran: The Madison Man, Fightin Sixty, Alexis Pony, Mahal, Bguygian, Number One Trick and I'm Real. Perfecta (3-2) Paid $34.60, Superfecta (3-2-10-4) Paid $235.80, Trifecta (3-2-10) Paid $79.80, Pick 3 (6-3-3) Paid $527.40.
6th--Etre du Soir (Barria)
Indestructible (Parker)2.602.20
Peak Performance (Villa-Gomez)2.60
Also ran: J. J.'s Legacy, Loaded Soda, Justanotheractor, Gold Prize and Mr I. Imagination. Perfecta (5-2) Paid $31.20, Trifecta (5-2-7) Paid $84.60.
7th--Flight Path (Whitney)21.209.806.60
A Good Day to Run (Pereira)4.403.80
Report to All (Spieth)8.60
Also ran: Brother Darcy, Twample, Judge Spada, Rattle On Son, American Moxie, Canyon Crook and Right Uppercut. Perfecta (3-4) Paid $94.40, Trifecta (3-4-10) Paid $1,417.40.
8th--Cayenne Red (Spieth)
Not for Sam (Flores)3.002.20
Clever Yankee (Stokes)3.60
Also ran: Five Star Account, Twin Meteors, Black Market and Snappa Cane (AUS). Perfecta (2-7) Paid $17.00, Trifecta (2-7-4) Paid $67.80, Pick 3 (5-3-2) Paid $538.00.
9th--Cobra Lady (Walker)4.402.80
Ready and Tough (Villa-Gomez)4.20
Shannons Valentine (Cloninger)2.80
Also ran: Hostility and Thisgirldontlaugh. Perfecta (5-4) Paid $18.00
10th--Honor Thy Spirit (Stokes)5.403.002.60
K. C. Genius (Whitney)5.003.60
Western Miss (Murphy)5.00
Also ran: Dancin Kaity, Never Under, Slot Happy, Madame Janette, Glittering Success and Diana Moseley. Perfecta (8-4) Paid $39.80, Superfecta (8-4-2-3) Paid $2,701.80, Daily Double (5-8) Paid $17.20, Trifecta (8-4-2) Paid $181.20.
Attendance: 3,801. Handle: $42,593

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