MAHONING COUNTY Prosecution rests its case in local slaying trial

The trial is expected to go to the jury by Thursday.
YOUNGSTOWN -- The prosecution wrapped up its case Tuesday in the murder trial of two Youngstown men.
Jurors heard testimony from four witnesses, including a Youngstown city councilman who found evidence near the crime scene the afternoon after the Nov. 23, 2003, shooting death of James Revere.
Stephan Breedlove, 20, and Glenn R. Scott, 21, are on trial in Mahoning County Commons Pleas Court, charged with aggravated murder with gun specifications. They face life imprisonment if convicted.
A third defendant, Keon L. Richardson, will go on trial later this summer.
Third Ward Councilman Richard Atkinson testified that police were on the scene near Covington and Hayman streets as he was returning home from church at 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 24, 2003.
He said he found shell casings near the site which he left in a pile.
The shell casings, slugs and other evidence found at the scene, in addition to the statements of witnesses, were the subject of lengthy testimony from Sgt. Daryl Martin, a detective with the Youngstown Police Department.
Martin testified that interviews with witnesses indicated that three people were shooting from a car when Revere was shot while in his car on Hayman Street. But he said only one of the defendants was identified by witnesses, and that was Breedlove.
Attorney Louis DeFabio, representing Breedlove, emphasized what Martin left out of his notes, including statements from Shalonda Bonazi, a friend of Revere's, in which he told her he had received a death threat, and that she had heard a threatening message on Revere's answering machine.
Prosecutor Tim Franken in cross examination, said that investigators and prosecutors don't always agree on the significance of evidence.
"My job is to find out who committed an offense, put a case together and submit it to the prosecutor," he said. "You don't always know at the time what's going to turn out to be important."
Other witnesses
Other witnesses testifying Tuesday were:
UMelissa Zielaskiewicz, an investigator specializing in DNA for the Ohio Bureau of Investigation and Identification. She analyzed the results of DNA testing done on a cigar that police believe was thrown down at the scene of the shooting by Richardson. Zielaskiewicz said that DNA results excluded almost any possibility that it came from Breedlove or Scott.
URobert C. Belding, deputy coroner for Mahoning County. He testified that an autopsy showed that five shots hit Revere during the shooting. The fatal shot hit him in the left chest and went by his left and right lungs before exiting his body.
Testimony in the case in Judge Jack M. Durkin's courtroom is expected to conclude today, with the jury expected to get the case late today or Thursday.

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