With Zach working on locating Erin, Ryan prepared to leave Pine Valley, allowing Greenlee to believe that he's dead, despite his constant love for her. As Ryan watched Greenlee reminiscing at the gazebo, Lily saw him. Amanda took some of her mother's prescription pills to create a medical emergency after Jamie made arrangements for her to move to Myrtle's. Jamie accused J.R. of drugging Amanda, leading to J.R. threatening Amanda, and Amanda telling Babe and Jamie that J.R. hired her to break them up. When Amanda goaded Babe about Jamie sacrificing his medical career for her, Babe considered breaking up with him. Tad and Dixie fell into old routines after he rescued her from a dangerous situation.
As Paul, following Rosanna's desperate call, drove to meet her, he saw Craig sideswipe Rosanna's car, which crashed. Rosanna whispered "wrong foot" before slipping into a deep coma. Carly wanted to adopt Rosanna's baby as a duty to her. Emily was shattered to see Paul pledge his undying love to an unconscious Rosanna but stuck with him out of his need. Charged with attempted murder, Craig set the interrogation room on fire and fled. Luke punched Keith for interfering in his and Lily's lives, but later apologized. Henry's sister Maddie treated Mike rudely. Jennifer was crushed when Mike said they must wait to be together, as a result of Jennifer's fall.
As Taylor and Stephanie discussed what the Forresters have been through lately, for the first time they disagreed. Later, an outsider surprised the family gathering, prompting an exchange about what actions would be for the best. Eric showed support to Brooke and all she has done for the family. Sally helped a hitchhiker as she was driving by the Forresters. Dante temporarily moved in with Brooke and Bridget, as his fortitude was tested by a steamy fantasy involving Bridget.
As the result of her fall, Marlena miscarried and suffered cardiac arrest, coming to with amnesia. John and Roman fought over who was at fault, as Kate gave Roman an ultimatum regarding their relationship. Belle learned that she doesn't have an ulcer -- she's pregnant. When Rex finally learned the truth about Mimi from Belle, it caused a serious rift in the women's friendship. Jack surprised Jennifer with his request that Frankie stay close, then told Billie his plan to reunite Jennifer and Frankie. Maggie confronted Bonnie about her exorbitant spending. Patrick acted on his feelings for Billie. Chloe scheduled her plastic surgery appointment.
Intent on taking Michael away from Sonny, Durant arrested Jason and Michael. Dr. Thomas remembered the events involving Jason after the accident and recalled killing A.J. to make sure the truth never came out. After Lucky found evidence that someone other than Michael killed A.J., Michael was cleared and released to Sonny and Carly. Jason had a memory involving A.J. and Dr. Thomas. Alan was shown to be keeping a secret. Following a fight with Jax, Courtney encountered a drunken Nikolas, who felt that he and Emily are through. Nikolas and Courtney shared a kiss, but their attraction was marred by regret. Meanwhile, Jax and Elizabeth drew closer.
Harley found a clue in the private room leading her to believe that Alan could be telling the truth, although there was no sign of Phillip. Returning to the room, Harley was grabbed by an unknown assailant. As Beth and Alan schemed to cut off Lizzie financially, she decided to return Company to its rightful owners. Tammy shared a passionate kiss with Jonathan, but pulled back. After filing theft charges against Jonathan, Sandy arrived at Tammy's and they made love for the first time. Later, when Jonathan stood up to Nate and said he's returning the money, Nate realized he could use Tammy to get to Jonathan. To protect Jonathan, Reva set a trap for Nate.
Learning the identity of the killer, Marcie went with him hoping to prevent more murders. The killer then ordered Marcie to kill Rex or he'll have his accomplice do away with Michael. Michael managed to contact John, who came to the rescue for Marcie and Rex, then demanded answers from the killer, with Natalie still missing. In search of Jessica, Todd spotted Tess in New York City. Tess realized she's developed real feelings for Nash, who was dealing with a financial setback. Spencer manipulated another doctor's surgery to gain his goals. Asa kept the truth from Blair.
An earthquake unleashed by Tabitha and Endora hit Harmony, burying Kay in a pile of bricks and hurting Maureen, a woman Sheridan met in the park. Sheridan was torn between respecting Maureen's wishes to avoid going to the hospital, and saving her life. Jessica accidentally stabbed her first customer. Spike then set up Jessica as a murderer, planning to use that to ruin the Bennetts. Alistair pulled a gun on Ethan, which went off during the quake, wounding Theresa. Noah survived his fall into a crevice and fought with one of the Las Vegas goons who held Fancy at gunpoint. Eve accepted Julian's marriage proposal.
Through a bug he installed in Michael's office, Vinny heard Nikki talking to J.T. about Brittany and Bobby still being in love. Later, as Vinny grabbed Brittany, Bobby, Victor and J.T. burst in, demanding to know where Nikki is, and unaware that a thug is holding her bound and gagged in a warehouse. Lily was caught visiting Daniel and was placed under arrest. Nick lied to Paul that he never received the clothes Cassie wore on the night of the accident, which could contain forensic proof of Daniel's innocence. Sharon demanded to know what Cassie told Nick before she died. Tom uncovered the bug in Gloria's house and confronted Michael, who punched him in the jaw.
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