Multiple lottery winner very lucky

Jeffrey Hintz isn't running a scam; he's just managing to beat the odds.
MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- When Jeffrey Hintz won the state lottery's second-chance drawing five weeks in a row, some people in state government got a little suspicious.
Turns out, Hintz just got lucky, an investigation has concluded.
Investigators with Wisconsin's Department of Revenue found no signs of fraud in his five-week winning streak in March and April.
Hintz and his wife, Lisa, have won almost $73,000 in cash prizes from the state lottery since 1999. More than $65,000 came from drawings.
However, the couple's good fortune in the lottery's weekly second-chance drawing raised suspicions of fraud and prompted Rep. David Cullen to request the investigation.
Given how many tickets they were sending in for the drawing, the odds of their winning five times in a row were 1 in 14,397, auditors said.
Countless hours
Jeffrey Hintz told auditors he spent thousands of dollars on lottery tickets every week and countless hours stamping envelopes with the lottery's address so he could enter losing tickets in the weekly drawings. He submitted entries in his wife's name, too.
People are allowed to enter the drawings as often as they want, but each entry must include at least $5 worth of tickets. That means Hintz was sending in at least $2,500 in tickets a week, and postage alone would have cost $185 a week.
"It doesn't necessarily surprise me that that someone would be that lucky," Cullen said. "It surprises me that someone would [enter that often]. They're spending a lot of time and resources on the lottery."

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