Township trustees have reduced to 85 the number of streets proposed for parking restrictions on either one or both sides. The restrictions are the topic of an Aug. 10 meeting in the township government center. () indicates a street without fire hydrants and the side where parking would be prohibited. The streets:
Alburn Drive from Hudson Drive to Windsor Road, Amherst Avenue, Anderson Drive, Aravesta Avenue, Argyle Avenue from Erie Street to Southern Boulevard, Aylesboro Avenue (north side), Beech Avenue (south side), Border Avenue from Matthews Road to the north end (east side), Brandon Avenue, Brookfield Avenue from Millcreek Boulevard to West Boulevard and from Glenwood Avenue to Market Street, Centervale Avenue, Chester Drive, Court Way (east side), Cranberry Run Drive, Danbury Drive, Devonshire Drive.
Elm Street (west side), Evans Avenue (east side), Ewing Road from West Boulevard to Millcreek Boulevard and from Millcreek to the west end, Fairlawn Drive (north side), Gillian Lane, Glendale Avenue from Brookfield Avenue to Rockdale Avenue (east side), Glenmere Drive (east side), Glenpark Road, Golfview Road, Holbrook Road, Hudson Avenue.
Indian Trail, the noncurb section of Island Drive, Kiowa Road, Kiwana Drive, Laverne Avenue, Lemoyne Avenue from Sequoya Drive to Basil Avenue, Longview Drive, Lundy Lane (east side), Lynn Street (east side).
Madonda Street (south side), Marlindale Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue (north side), McArthur Drive, Meadowbrook Avenue from the noncurb section to Afton Avenue, Melbourne Avenue from Market Street to Glenwood Avenue, Mill Creek Boulevard from Brookfield Avenue to West Boulevard, Montrose Avenue from Indianola Road to Erskine Avenue and from Afton to Argyle Avenue, Moyer Avenue from Cook Avenue to the end.
Nevada Avenue (north side), Newton Avenue, Northlawn Avenue, Oak Avenue (north side), Oak Knoll Drive, Oakley Avenue from Paxton Road to Glenwood Avenue, Old Oxford Lane, Old Shay Lane (south side), Palestine Avenue (south side), Parkland Avenue, Parkway Drive (north side), Paulin Drive from the noncurb section to Walker Mill Road, Paxton Road from Rockdale Avenue to Brookfield Avenue, Pinehill Drive (west side), Pinetree Lane (west side), Pinewood Drive (east side), Prestwick Drive from Windsor Drive to Stratford Road.
Raub Avenue (west side), Rockdale Avenue from Glenwood Avenue to Glendale Avenue and from Glenwood to the west end (north side), Scotland Avenue (north side), South Cadillac Drive, Southern Boulevard Extension, Stadler Avenue (west side), Stafford Avenue (north side), Stratford Road, Tanglewood Drive, Tod Avenue from Washington Boulevard to the north end from Boardman Boulevard to the north end (east side), Trenholm Road.
Walnut Street from Maple Drive to Oak Drive, West Glen Drive, West Parkside Drive from Sabrina Drive to East Parkside Court, Whitehouse Lane (north side), Wildwood Drive from West Boulevard to the west end, Wildwood Drive from Northlawn Avenue to Glenwood Avenue, Windsor Road, Wingate Road from Sheridan Road to Youngstown-Poland Road, Wood Avenue (north side), Woodward Avenue (north side), Yarmouth Lane (east side), Yellow Creek Drive.

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