Marriage applications
George E. Moore, 48, of 1212 State Route 7 N.E., Brookfield, and Patricia J. Schreffler, 29, of Clintonville, Pa.
Patrick M. Erickson, 49, of 7613 Job Greenville Road, Kinsman, and Kathryn L. Piper, 54, same address.
Adam L. Martin, 34, of 2863 Red Fox Run, Warren, and Jennifer R. Hollis, 21, same address.
Donald W. Boyer, 39, of 220 Taylor Ave., Girard, and Judith L. Hoskinson, 34, same address.
Ryan J. Millenbaugh, 25, of Cortland, and Yusra M. Shihabi,22, of 1215 Pleasant Valley Drive, Warren.
Michael D. Smoot Jr., 34, of 4377 Helsley Fusselman Road, Southington, and Beth Ann Hepburn, 34, same address.
John R. Bacher, 23, of 1740 Atlantic St. N.E., Warren, and Marybeth Keeler, 22, of 5488 Park Road, Leavittsburg.
Aaron R. Lenart, 32, of Cortland, and Angela M. Scott, 33, same address.
Torrey A. Derda, 24, of 678 Edgewood Drive S.E., Brookfield, and Melissa J. Lambert, 22, same address.
James A Clark Sr., 45, of 1995 Valley Blvd., Niles, and Linda E. Jennings, 45, same address.
Thomas J. Webber Jr., 21, of 7416 Addison Road,Masury, and Michelle Forsythe, 18, same address.
Kirk C. Vondrasek, 24, of 3870 Hoagland Blackstub Road, Cortland, and Brooke N. Hughes, 21, same address.
Brian D. Hyde, 35, of 2341 S. Bellwood Ave., Niles, and Lisa M. Hendry, 37, same address.
Asa B. Gardner Jr., 27, of 2727 Harvey Ave., Warren, and Annette L. Giuliano, 24, same address.
Mitchell K. North, 47, of 424 Idaho Ave.,Girard, and Gloria L. Petrosky, 53, same address.
William M. McCready Sr., 43, of 1068 Elm Road, Warren, and Sandra L. Davis, 39, same address.
John P. Maline, 22, of Lakewood, and Melissa R. Peterson, 22, of 5814 St. Rt. 46, Cortland.
Stephen C. Powers, 36, of 1322 Perkinswood S.E., Warren, and Heather S. Wilson, 34, same address.
Levi M. DeJacimo, 24, of 361 Perkinswood S.E., Warren, and Jeanine G. Rizkallah, 24, of 2614 Reeves Road, Warren.
James A. Foster Jr., 35, of 519 Stanton, Niles, and Victoria M. Warner, 31, same address.
William D. Siwicki, 33, of 828 Meadowbrook Ave., Warren, and Shannon J. Walls, 25, same address.
Eric J. Coles, 31, of 4886 Maple St., Vienna, and Aimee J. Vogt, 23, same address.
Bradford B. Baker, 28, of 246 Hayes Ave., McDonald, and Michelle A. Hathhorn,31, same address.
Philip M. Sherock, 44, of 310 Elruth Court, Apt. 112, Girard, and Meredith L. Shipley, 31, same address.
Trevor G. Berry, 35, of 2253 Hoagland Blackstub, Cortland, and Melissa A. Osborne, 31, of 1641 Westwood Drive N.W., Warren.
Joseph R. Morgan, 24, of 54 Higley Ave., Niles, and Ashley N. Danadic, 19, same address.
Benjamin E. Crouch, 20,of 2374 Griffith Drive, Cortland, and Bethany S. Reed, 24, of 2769 Milton St. S.E., Warren.
Ronald Kimble, 69, of 1024 N. Rock Hill Ave., Alliance, and Nancy E. Bell, 61, of 3754 Youngstown-Kingsville Road, Cortland.
Richard F. Coelho Jr., 28, of 3799 Warren Sharon Road, Vienna, and Jennifer L. Silvis, 23, of 1116 Ridge Road, Vienna.
Thomas P. Devine, 40, of 925 Youngstown-Warren Road, Niles, and Paula D. Howard, 26, of 211 South Aspen Court, Warren.
Kenneth R. Simonyi, 23,of 249 Folsom N.W., Apt. 6, Warren, and Stacy L. Malys, 22, same address.
Timothy L. Revis, 45, of 4442 Helsey Fusselman, Southington, and Teresa Tvaroch, 43, of 2816 Oakwood, Southington.Franklin P. Amoline, 43, of 5541 Pierce Road, Warren, and Pearl C. Hodges, 24, of 1190 Robert Ave., Apt. F-9, Warren.
Michael P. Wagner, 25, of San Diego, Calif., and Marilyn R. Testa, 24, of 302 Illinois Ave., McDonald.
Kurt M. Fairchild, 23, of 2007 State Road, Warren, and Jessica L. Gilkey, 21, of 637 Grover Ave., Masury.
Timothy B. Smith Sr., 26, of Pittsburgh, Pa. and Tamika L. Smith, 26, same address.
Michael J. Townsend, 24, of 1356 Hamilton S.W.,Warren, and Kristin B. Tatar, 21, of 1646 Salt Springs Road, Mineral Ridge.
Wayne J. Chamberlain, 40, of 304 Mission Meade Extension, New Castle, and Colleen A. Ottobre, 35, same address.
Paul M. Bryant, 42, of 414 Smith St., Niles, and Diane R. Miller, 43, of 1905 Southern Blvd., Apt. 69, Warren.
Real estate transfers
Olympia Evans et al to Sebastian Devereaux, Youngstown, $57,000.
JP Morgan Chase Bank to Supra Capital Management Real Estate Funding LPA, Youngstown, $20,600.
Supra Capital Management Real Estate Funding LPA to Iverson Investments Inc., Youngstown, $20,600.
Deanna Moran et al to Cynthia Vega-Herrera, Youngstown, $153,000.
Shane Swift et al to Hiram Oaks, North Jackson, $153,900.
Stefana Homebuilders LLC to Andrea Scarmack et al, Canfield, $269,065.
U.S. Bank National Association et al to Jerome Franklin, Youngstown, $3,000.
Heribs Landing LLC to Dieter Home Construction Inc., Austintown, $33,700.
Dieter Home Construction Inc. to Patrick Desmand et al, Austintown, $207,520.
Walker T. Madison Jr. to Warren T. Emmett, Youngstown, $7,500.
Susan Palmer et al to Heather Oslauic, Boardman, $86,500.
UDE of Canfield Palmyra Road Ltd Partnership to Thomas Hanzas et al, Canfield, $175,130.
345 E. Oregon LLC to Thelma Cooper et al, Sebring, $92,500.
Nicholas Wolsonovich to Jean Lynn Properties LLC, Youngstown, $17,000.
Robert Grunewald et al to William Todd Forsyth et al, Poland, $170,000.
Green Tree Servicing LLC to John Bosela, Youngstown, $26,500.
Braddison Madq Real Estate LLC to Jamie Durkin, Struthers, $60,000.
Hareld Olson et al to Tumlon Huding Inc., Lowellville, $140,00.
Pineview Village Condominiums to Lauren Mangino, Austintown, $158,609.
Dennis Perachio to Alesia Sheehan, Youngstown, $10,099.
Theodore Barritt et al to Helen Redmond, Youngstown, $133,000.
David Bartholomy et al to Target Services LLC et al, Youngstown, $3,800.
Brian Haraka et al to Michael Willes et al, Poland Twp, $204,000.
Lynn Jarrett et al to Joseph Takacs et al, Boardman Twp, $127,000.
Kimberly Caparso to Shawn Kmetko, Poland Twp, $269,900.

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