Iselin (N.J.) Insanity 1, Fairchance (Pa.) Travel 161, 0
Adirondack Diamond Chix 8, McLean (Va.) Blaze 2
Ct Eliminators Black 4, Rebelles Que. 2
Tri State (N.Y.) Angels 6, Lady Irish Blue 4
Jersey Nightmare 16, Tri-State Thunder 1
Philipsburg Hurricanes 7, Diamond Dusters 2
Stratford Breakers 11, Blue Jays (Va.) 1
Riviera Beach Spirit 4, Lady Bombers 0
Go North Coast 5, Cyclones 0
Valley Extreme 5, Apponaug (R.I.) Pitbulls 3
Bp (N.Y.) Allstars 8 Maryland Magic/Wagner's, 0
L.I. Riptide (NY) 10, Lehigh Valley Panthers 3
Ulster (N.Y.) Fillies 3, Thunder Elite Green 3
Adirondack (N.Y.) Avalanche 4, Freedom Firebird-Red (Md.) 1
Ohio Legends 1, Cjrebels (N.J.) 1
Bc Breakers (N.Y.) 3, East Coast Fury (Mass.) 2
Capital Region Rampage16, Rke Jaxx (NJ) 0
Long Island Mustangs 7 Road Islanders (RI) 2
Lady Fireballs (Pa.) 10 Holley Hills 0
Xtreme Chaos (Conn.) 15 Ohio Top Guns 0
Original Slik Chix (N.Y.) 5, Grand Rapids Blaze 4
Yorktown Revolution 4 Jersey Girls (NJ) 2
Warrington Blue Thunder 6, Fire & amp; Ice Rampage (NY) 0
Northeast Knock Outs (N.Y.) 2, Conn. Mirage Teal 2
Top Gun 6, Ohio Heat 1
S.Y.A.G. Blaze (N.Y.) 3, Conn. Mirage Purple 2
Jersey Adrenaline (NJ) 3, Lady Sharks (Pa.) 2
South County Cardinals 1, Long Island Express 1
North Jersey Bandits (NJ) 3, Chambersburg Suburban 1
Twisters (Pa.) 1, Fury (NJ) 0
Diamond Dolls Blue 3, Ct Eliminators Red 3
Shenandoah Valley Maveri 7, Mvsa Storm (Md.) 1
Ohio Swarm 2, Ewing Edge (NJ) 1
Mason Dixon Diamonds (W. Va.) 4, Heat (NY) 1
Clifton Cobra Silver 2, Pittsburgh Freedom 1
Pa. Intensity 5, Central Jersey Cyclones 4
New York Legends 4 Marion Lady Rebels 0
Pittsburgh Power Black 2, Long Island Chargers White 1
Diamond Dolls White (N.Y.) 6, Rhode Island Thunder/Blu 4
Colorado Comets 7, Banshee 2
Delaware Diamonds 7, Conn. Hornet Red 1
South Jersey Shockers (NJ) 10, North Shore Rebels (NY) 1
Iselin Insanity (NJ) 3, Adirondack Diamond Chix 3
Fairchance (Pa.) Travel 161, 11 Mclean (Va.) Blaze 1
BP Allstars East (NY) 5, Harleysville Thunder 3
Conn. Charmers 3, The Danes (Wisc.) 1
North Jersey Rocks (N.J.) 4, Albany (N.Y.) Slix Chixs 1
Chester Co. Stars 7, Steelhorse Choppers (Ill.) 0
Diamond Dusters (N.Y.) 2, Tri-State Thunder (Md.) 1
Philipsburg Hurricanes 6, Jersey Nightmare (N.J.) 1
Conn. Hornet Black 2, Valley Extreme 1
Bergen (N.J.) Blazers 6, Bethlehem (Pa.) Stars 2
Montgomery Devils 6, Sunraze 0
Maryland Magic/Wagner's 6, Krunch Red (Pa.) 2
Knockouts (N.C.) 2, Clifton Cobra Black 1
Ohio Jaguars 2, Rockland Thunder A (N.Y.) 0
Ohio Legends 3, Freedom Firebird-Red (Md.) 2
East Coast Fury (Mass.) 1 Millville Wildcats 0
BC Breakers (N.Y.) 1, Pottstown Lightning 0
Capital Region Rampage 5, Conn. Bombers 0
Classic Commotion White 4, Minnesota Max 3
Thunder Elite 3, Czech. Republic 1
Xtreme Chaos (Conn.) 2, Baseliners (Va.) 0
Lady Fireballs (Pa.) 4, Road Islanders (R.I.) 0
Jersey Girls (N.J.) 7, Warrington Blue Thunder 0
LI Fire & amp; Ice Rampage (N.Y.) 5, Yorktown Revolution 2
Tri State Angels (N.Y.) 0 Conn. Eliminators-Black 0
Rebelles (Que.) 4, Lady Irish Blue 4
Ohio Stars 1, North Jersey Rocks (N.J.) 1
Lady Sharks (Pa.) 4, S.Y.A.G. Blaze (N.Y.) 3
Riviera Beach Spirit (Md.) 12, Blue Jays (Va.) 0
Stratford Breakers 9, Lady Bombers (N.Y.) 0
Apponaug Pitbulls (R.I.) 5, Taconic Cylones (N.Y.) 4
MVSA Storm (Md.) 5, Conn. Eliminators-Red 0
Shenandoah Valley Mavericks 6, Diamond Dolls Blue (N.Y.) 4
BP Allstars (N.Y.) 1, Conn. Green Devils 0
Thunder Elite Green 2, R.I. Lightning 1
Ashburn Shooting Stars 12, Ulster Fillies (N.Y.) 0
Adirondack Avalanche (N.Y.) 3, Cjrebels (N.J.) 0
Long Island Chargers White 10, Vienna Stars (Va.) 3
Cumberland County Magic 7, Rke Jaxx (N.J.) 1
Central Jersey Cyclones 4, New York Legends 3
Holley Hills 3, Long Island Mustangs 2
North Shore Rebels (N.Y.) 9, Delaware Diamonds 3
Banshee 5, Diamond Dolls White (N.Y.) 4
Colorado Comets 5, Rhode Island Thunder Blue 1
Top Gun 3, Conn. Mirage Teal 2
Northeast Knock Outs (N.Y.) 4, Ohio Heat 0
The Danes (Wisc.) 9, BP Allstars East (N.Y.) 5
Conn. Charmers 3, Harleysville Thunder 0
Conn. Mirage Purple 5, Jersey Adrenaline (N.J.) 3
Chester County Stars 1, Albany Slix Chixs (N.Y.) 0
North Jersey Bandits (N.J.) 1, Long Island Express 1
South County Cardinals 4, Chambersburg Suburban Blue 0
Go North Coast 8, Fury (N.J.) 5
Twisters (Pa.) 4, Cyclones (N.Y.) 0
Ohio Swarm 7, Lehigh Valley Panthers 0
L.I. Riptide (N.Y.) 13, Ewing Edge (N.J.) 2
Knockouts (N.C.) 6, Rockland Thunder A (N.Y.) 1
Ohio Jaguars 2, Clifton Cobra Black 1
Mason Dixon Diamonds (W. Va.) 3, Pittsburgh Freedom 1
Millville Wildcats 6, Pottstown Lightning 0
N.J. Pride 9, Pittsburgh Power Black 0
Marion Lady Rebels 5, Pa. Intensity 1
Minnesota Max 2, Thunder Elite 1
Grand Rapids Blaze 11, Baseliners (Va.) 3
Original Slik Chix (N.Y.) 6, Ohio Top Guns 2
Ohio Stars 6, Steelhorse Choppers (Ill.) 0
Bergen Blazers (N.J.) 6, Sunraze 5
Taconic Cyclines (N.Y.) 4, Conn. Hornet Black 4
Conn. Green Devils 4, Krunch Red (Pa.) 2
Bethlehem Stars (Pa.) 5, Montgomery Devils 3
Clifton Cobra Silver 7, Heat (N.Y.) 0
N.J. Pride 6, Vienna Stars (Va.) 3
Classic Commotion White 1, Czech Republic 0
South Jersey Shockers 6, Conn. Hornet Red 1
(As provided by PONY)
8:30 a.m.
Game 117--Freedom Firebird Red (Md.) vs. Cjrebels (N.J.), Harding Park 1
Game 118--Adirondack Avalanche (N.Y.) vs. Ohio Legends, Harding Park 2
Game 119--Blue Jays (Va.) vs. Lady Bombers (N.Y.), Harding Park 3
Game 120--Stratford Breakers vs. Riviera Beach Spirit (Md.), Harding Park 4
Game 121--Bergen Blazers (N.Y.), vs. Montgomery Devils, Liberty 1
Game 122--Maryland Magic/Wagner's vs. Conn. Green Devils, Liberty 2
Game 123--Thunder Green vs. Ashburn Shooting Stars, Liberty 3
Game 124--R.I. Lightning vs. Ulster Fillies (N.Y.), Liberty 4
Game 125--Conn. Mirage Purple vs. Lady Sharks (Pa.), Lordstown 1
Game 126--Rhode Island Thunder Blue vs. Banshee, Lordstown 2
Game 127--Colorado Comets vs. Diamond Dolls White (N.Y.), Lordstown 3
Game 128--Rebelles (Que.) vs. Tri State Angels (N.Y.), Lordstown 4
Game 129--Long Island Mustangs (N.Y.) vs. Lady Fireballs (Pa.), Packard 1 (Vidu)
Game 130--Holley Hills vs. Road Islanders (R.I.), Packard 2 (Sabino)
Game 131--Pittsburgh Power Black vs. Vienna Stars (Va.), Packard 3 (Pow)
Game 132--Original Slik Chix (N.Y.) vs. Baseliners (Va.), Perkins 1
Game 133--Grand Rapids Blaze vs. Xtreme Chaos, Perkins 2
Game 134--Valley Extreme vs. Taconic Cyclones (N.Y.), Perkins 5
Game 135--North Jersey Rocks (N.J.) vs. Chester County Stars, Thunderplex 1
Game 136--Steelhorse Choppers (Ill.) vs. Albany Slix Chixs (N.Y.), Thunderplex 2
Game 137--Heat (N.Y.) vs. Pittsburgh Freedom, Thunderplex 3
Game 138-- Mason Dixon Diamonds (W. Va.) vs. Clifton Cobra Silver, Thunderplex 4
10:10 a.m.
Game 139--Central Jersey Cyclones (N.J.) vs. Marion Lady Rebels, Harding Park 1
Game 182--Pa. Intensity vs. New York Legends, Harding Park 2
Game 140--Pottstown Lightning vs. East Coast Fury, Harding Park 3
Game 141--Diamond Dolls Blue vs. MVSA Storm (Md.), Harding Park 4
Game 142--Sunraze vs. Bethlehem Stars (Pa.), Liberty 1
Game 143--Krunch Red (Pa.) vs. BP Allstars (N.Y.), Liberty 2
Game 144--Jersey Girls (N.J.) vs. LI Fire & amp; Ice Rampage (N.Y.), Liberty 3
Game 145--Yorktown Revolution vs. Warrington Blue Thunder, Liberty 4
Game 146--S.Y.A.G. Blaze (N.Y.) vs. Jersey Adrenaline (N.J.), Lordstown 1
Game 147--Conn. Mirage Teal vs. Ohio Heat, Lordstown 2
Game 148-- Top Gun vs. Northeast Knock Outs (N.Y.), Lordstown 3
Game 149--Conn. Eliminators Black vs. Lady Irish Blue, Lordstown 4
Game 150--Diamond Dusters (N.Y.) vs. Jersey Nightmare (N.J.), Packard 1 (Vidu)
Game 151--Ohio Jaguars vs. Knockouts (N.C.), Packard 2 (Sabino)
Game 152--Tri-State Thunder vs. Philipsburg Hurricanes, Packard 3 (Pow)
Game 153--Delaware Diamonds vs. South Jersey Shockers (N.J.), Perkins 1
Game 154--North Shore Rebels (N.Y.) vs. Conn. Hornet Red, Perkins 2
Game 155--Conn. Hornet Black vs. Apponaug Pitbulls (R.I.), Perkins 5
Game 156--Clifton Cobra Black vs. Rockland Thunder A (N.Y.), Thunderplex 1
Game 157--L.I. Riptide UK (N.Y.) vs. Ohio Swarm, Thunderplex 2
Game 163--Lehigh Valley Panthers vs. Ewing Edge (N.J.), Thunderplex 3
Game 164--Long Island Chargers White vs. New Jersey Pride, Thunderplex 4
11:50 a.m.
Game 158--Cumberland County Magic vs. Capital Region Rampage, Harding Park 1
Game 159--Conn. Bombers vs. Rke Jaxx (N.J.), Harding Park 2
Game 160--Millville Wildcats vs. BC Breakers (N.Y.), Harding Park 3
Game 165--Twisters (Pa.) vs. Go North Coast, Liberty 1
Game 166--Fury (N.J.) vs. Cyclones (N.Y.), Liberty 2
Game 167--Harleysville Thunder vs. The Danes (Wis.), Liberty 3
Game 168--BP Allstars East (N.Y.) vs. Conn. Charmers, Liberty 4
Game 169--Iselin Insanity (N.J.) vs. McLean Blaze (Va.), Lordstown 1
Game 170--Fairchance Travel 161 (Pa.) vs. Adirondack Diamond Chix, Lordstown 2
Game 171--Classic Commotion White vs. Thunder Elite, Packard (Pow)
Game 172--Xtreme Chaos (Conn.) vs. Original Slik Chix (N.Y.), Perkins 1
Game 173--Ohio Top Guns vs. Grand Rapids Blaze, Perkins 2
Game 174--Czech Republic vs. Minnesota Max, Perkins 3
Game 175--Steelhorse Choppers (Ill.) vs. North Jersey Rocks (N.J.), Thunderplex 1
Game 176--Ohio Stars vs. Albany Slix Chixs (N.Y.), Thunderplex 2
Game 177--Conn. Eliminators Red vs. Shenandoah Valley Mavericks, Harding Park 4
Game 178--Chambersburg Suburban vs. Long Island Express, Thunderplex 3
Game 179--North Jersey Bandits (N.J.) vs. South County Cardinals, Thunderplex 4
1:30 p.m.
Game 180--Ohio Top Guns vs. Baseliners (Va.), Perkins Park 2
Game 181--Ohio Stars vs. Chester Co. Stars, Thunderplex 2
XSchedule subject to change

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