Today is Monday, July 25, the 206th day of 2005. There are 159 days left in the year. On this date

Today is Monday, July 25, the 206th day of 2005. There are 159 days left in the year. On this date in 1956, 51 people die when the Italian liner Andrea Doria sinks after colliding with the Swedish ship Stockholm off the New England coast.
In 1868, Congress passes an act creating the Wyoming Territory. In 1943, Benito Mussolini is dismissed as premier of Italy by King Victor Emmanuel III, and placed under arrest. (However, Mussolini is later rescued by the Nazis, and re-asserts his authority.) In 1946, the United States detonates an atomic bomb at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific in the first underwater test of the device. In 1952, Puerto Rico becomes a self-governing commonwealth of the United States. In 1963, the United States, the Soviet Union and Britain initial a treaty in Moscow prohibiting the testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, in space or underwater. In 1978, Louise Joy Brown, the first "test tube baby," is born in Oldham, England; she'd been conceived through the technique of in-vitro fertilization. In 1984, Soviet cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya becomes the first woman to walk in space as she carries out more than three hours of experiments outside the orbiting space station Salyut 7. In 1985, a spokeswoman for Rock Hudson confirms that the actor, hospitalized in Paris, is suffering from AIDS. (Hudson dies the following October.) In 1994, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Jordan's King Hussein sign a declaration at the White House ending their countries' 46-year-old formal state of war.
July 25, 1980: There's a mini-political convention at St. Elizabeth Hospital, but the candidates are all girls: Renee Reagan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Reagan; Michelle Renee Bush, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bush, and Rebekah Anderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Garry Anderson, were all born on the same day in the hospital's maternity ward.
Low bids totaling $282,959 are received by the Lawrence County Board of Commissioner for renovation of the old, 128-year-old county courthouse.
Almost all of the nearly 90 people who attended a public discussion at the Canfield Extension Center on the proposed conversion of the Ohio Turnpike into a freeway say they would prefer it remain a toll road.
July 25, 1965: An Allegheny Airlines pilot who crash-landed his twin-engine plane in a wooded area near Williamsport, Pa., is credited with saving the lives of all 40 people on board. Allen Lauber, 36, of Philadelphia, says from his hospital bed that he doesn't remember a thing.
Gendarmes -- dressed in regulation bathing suits -- are patrolling the beaches of Saint Tropez, cracking down on nude bathers. Loudspeakers announced that any nude bathers would be arrested immediately. In recent years the beaches have become a favorite haunt of nudists.
Demolition continues on the St. Stanislaus Church building and rectory on Spruce Ave. in Sharon. The church was badly damaged by fire in January and a new $250,000 structure will rise on the site.
July 25, 1955: Removal of 83 trees from both sides of the devil strip along Wick Ave. will begin as the city widens the street between Rayen Ave. and McGuffey Road. At the turn of the century, Wick ranked with the famous residential avenues of other cities as a show place, but commercial inroads were made in the 1920s.
MARC late-model stock cars return to the Canfield Speedway, with Youngstown's Dave McComb driving a new Chrysler "300," the most powerful car on the road today, in a 100-lap feature event.
Railroad officials says that two runaway cars that killed a North Side Youngstown couple at a Poland Road crossing were deliberately released from a siding by vandals. Police say murder charges are possible if the vandals are caught.
July 25, 1930: Rumors that Bethlehem Steel Corp. directors have voted to abandon plans for the merger with Youngstown Sheet & amp; Tube Co. are branded as ridiculous at the New York offices of the steel company.
Atty. W.P. Barnum, counsel for the General News Bureau, says he will go to federal court to block Youngstown police from ripping out telegraph wires at the bureau or otherwise interfering with its operation. The bureau provides bookies with wire information on horse races.
Farms in the eastern half of the Midwest, including those in the Youngstown area, are suffering through the worst drought in 50 years. The area has received half the normal rainfall since March 1. Pastures have practically dried up and if the drought continues, it is expected to affect milk supplies.

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