Greenlee, Kendall and Zach were horrified to see Ryan's motorcycle go over the cliff. Greenlee believed that Ryan had died and blamed herself, but Zach found Ryan, who said he loves Greenlee too much to return to her, certain of his awful fate. Zach made a difficult decision about whether to tell Greenlee that Ryan survived. Aidan filled in Kendall and Zach about what he learned regarding Ryan's sister Erin. Lily snuck out to meet Sam at Wildwind, where they were caught by Tad. After being told about Danielle's tryst, Reggie attacked Josh. Amanda received rejection from Aidan and bad treatment from J.R. Adam and Krystal were faced with accepting the return of Dixie.
Faced with mounting evidence, Rosanna confronted Craig and forced him to admit that he switched the babies in the nursery. As Craig tailed Rosanna, she called Paul, saying she must tell him the truth. Will and Celia shared a kiss after they admitted their loving feelings. When Casey found out, he and Will ended up fighting. Carly finally learned that she was responsible for the terrible thing that happened to Iris' child. As Carly regained more memories, they frightened her so much she didn't want to know anything else. Alison made peace with Emily and left to join Aaron in Seattle.
Furious over seeing Thomas and Gaby kissing, Ridge called a lawyer to end the marriage by getting it annulled. Taylor tried to defend Thomas' good intentions and told Ridge she's having second thoughts about their own marriage. The sight of a strong connection between Nick and Brooke as they put Hope to bed upset Bridget so much that she fled the house and sought comfort from Dante. When Bridget later awoke in Dante's bed, unaware of what may have happened, Dante assured her that nothing did take place, but relayed his feelings for her, just as Nick arrived.
When Marlena fainted, as she was about to renew her vows to John, everyone learned that she's pregnant. Sami was thrilled, but a furious John attacked Roman, accusing him of taking advantage of Marlena. Marlena suffered a bad fall and was rushed to the hospital. Jack had a nightmare about his death. Philip decided he wants to start a family with Belle, who isn't feeling well, even as Shawn told Belle he would wait for her, no matter how long. Rex misunderstood something he overheard and believed he had learned the truth about Mimi. Bo and Hope received an explosive delivery aboard the Fancy Face III. Bonnie was devastated by Mickey's decision to remarry Maggie.
Carly regained consciousness in the hospital but didn't remember that Reese is Charlotte. Durant broke into Dr. Thomas' office and learned that Michael killed A.J. When the police arrived to arrest Michael, Sam and Jason escaped with him, but Carly was arrested for helping them flee. Maxie publicly accused Murphy of corruption without getting results. Jesse was released on a technicality but pushed Maxie away for her own good, although she refused to give up on him. Skye's vote helped make Alcazar the new CEO of ELQ. After Jax interrupted their wedding, Lucky agreed not to marry Elizabeth until the baby is born.
The killer showed up at Evangeline's door and later revealed his identity. Meanwhile, John received a clue from a former member of the original Killing Club. The killer later attacked Rex. A lonely Marcie began drinking and, much to Michael's dismay, was taken to her room by Hugh. Adriana spent time with Rex when Duke's work kept him away from her. Tess and Nash kissed but uncharacteristically, she wouldn't make love with him. Later, Tess tried to get hold of Jessica's money. Evangeline invited her sister, Layla, to stay with her.
Inside a seemingly abandoned office complex, Phillip was revealed to have been kept confined all this time by Alan, who won't release him until he is fully recovered. Alan allowed himself to be taken into custody by Harley and Gus, but faced with claustrophobia and the inability to care for Phillip from prison, Alan blurted out to them that Phillip is alive. Unaware of the surprise baby shower being held for Cassie at Company, Dinah, thinking she was alone with Edmund, began to take off her pregnancy pouch. Given unexpected support from Josh, Jonathan stood up to Nate, forcing Nate to question his son's loyalty for the first time.
Believing that Luis' trust in Beth cost her Marty, Sheridan told Luis that their love is over. Luis held Alistair responsible and put a knife to his throat, demanding Beth and Marty's location. Sam saved Jessica from a potential customer but she fled to Spike, and later teamed up with Spike to have Noah, Ethan and Sam arrested for attacking her. Jessica went back to the streets, unaware of Spike's employer -- Alistair -- and his mission to destroy her entire family. Gwen was concerned about Ethan's ties to Theresa when he hesitated over leaving Harmony with her. Sparks flew between Kay and Fox as he tried to save her from drowning.
Michael tracked down Lauren's son Scott in Toronto, and learned that Lauren doesn't want Scott to come to Genoa City. Lauren realized that Tom is Terrible Tom Fisher and slapped him, vowing to make sure he never harms Kevin again. After seeing Gloria's legal notice, Tom reminded her that they are still married. Brad made a condition of Abby living with Ashley that Ashley quit her job at Jabot and become a full-time mom. A disguised Brittany surprised Bobby at the club and they shared a kiss and tender words, which Nikki heard. Paul and J.T. then told Brittany about the scheme to make it appear that Bobby had beaten up J.T. under orders.
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