Bathroom renovations
Remodelers alert: The discerning eye of Consumer Reports magazine has turned its attention to bathroom renovations in its August issue, with a 15-page guide on how to do it right and what products are worth considering. It's hard not to find something useful in the abundance of price comparisons, testing and advice. Several interesting nuggets were found. Among them:
The national average cost of a bathroom redo is $10,000. For a high-end spa, the average renovation cost jumps to $25,000.
Save money in your remodeling plans by using tile carefully. Don't stick it on every corner of the space. Also, don't move the toilet around, because moving the plumbing line adds significantly to the bottom line.
When designing the new space, be careful not to overcrowd the room. "You know the scenario: The door bangs into the toilet, your knees rub the tub and the shower door grazes the vanity," according to the magazine.
Consumer Reports recommends engineered stone for counters and vanity tops, and enameled cast iron for sinks. It also notes that undermount sinks, while not as trendy as vessel sinks that sit atop the counter, are much easier for cleanup.
What else? There is tons of research on whirlpool tubs, shower heads and - no kidding - toilet water pressure and quiet flushing.
Source: Washington Post

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