Morgen Espe, Animal Communicator

Morgen Espe, Animal Communicator
Nationally known animal communicator Morgen Espe has hundreds of stories to tell about animals as healers in our lives. "A dog who was brought to me with aggression issues was actually releasing pent up frustrations of his "daddy," the 17-year- old son in the family who has Crohn's disease," said Espe. "The dog told me he was the son's healer. The mom had trouble believing this until she mentioned it to her son and he said the dog was, in fact, his healer. Whenever he would have an attack, the dog would jump in his lap, and the excruciating pain would subside."
In another incident, a horse named Adeline had been in a life-threatening accident. "She told me she couldn't die because she had a huge mission to do in this lifetime, and must live," said Espe. "We worked hard to save her, and we did. Two years later, a horrendous tornado ripped through and wiped out everything in its path, including Adeline's human's house and farm, which was also a healing center, and had sixteen people there for healing work on that day. Adeline's mission had come to pass. She pinned all the people against the only wall left standing on the farm, and took the punishment of the flying debris that impaled her precious body. All of the people survived due to Adeline's selfless, loving, heroic act of compassion."
Espe will be at Birch Hill Cabin in Mill Creek MetroParks on Saturday, September 17 to give a workshop, Communicating with Animals, from noon to 5 pm. The cost is $100 and you must register in advance. From 9-11 a.m., and from 6-10 p.m., Espe will also do individual communication sessions with animals. To register for the workshop, make an appointment for a session, or to purchase Espe's book, "Whispers of Heaven ... Excerpts from The Animals' Voice," call (614) 781-9405, or email Her site is
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