MINNESOTA Crime-fighting pig dies at age 6

MINNEAPOLIS -- At a time of police shortage and public concern about crime, a south Minneapolis neighborhood has lost one of its most prized protectors -- a 450-pound porker who made news around the world for taking a bite out of crime by taking a bite into a would-be burglar.
Arnold the Crime-Fighting Pig died in June from apparent heart failure. Six-year-old Arnold was mascot of the Stevens Square neighborhood, where he was fawned over at local festivals and where passing cars screeched to a halt as drivers hollered out their windows, "Is that a real pig?"
"Yeah, it's a real pig," neighbors would say of the part-Yorkshire, part-Vietnamese pot-bellied pig napping in his owner's front yard.
Arnold's honorific appellation was bestowed after he foiled two intruders who tried to rob his owner, Becky Moyer, at gunpoint in February 2001. Moyer said she had just returned home from work and was confronted by two men in her garage. They went with her into her kitchen, where Arnold was sitting patiently by the refrigerator waiting to be spoon-fed his dinner as usual.
"I was so scared I started screaming, and Arnold ... nabbed that burglar right in the leg," Moyer said.

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