hSalvage Sisters see new uses for old things

hSalvage Sisters seenew uses for old things
How to see items' potential:
Where most of us see plain old pine cones, Kathleen Hackett and Mary Ann Young see finials for a four-poster bed. Mismatched drawers become a custom bookcase; an old cooking mold gets new purpose as a door knocker.
Hackett and Young are the Salvage Sisters, siblings who've raised garage-sale shopping and curb picking to a high art. The two share their tips for finding the cachet in cast-offs in "The Salvage Sisters' Guide to Finding Style in the Street and Inspiration in the Attic."
The book contains 50 projects that Hackett, former executive book editor for Martha Stewart Omnimedia, and Young, a designer and stylist, have created from other people's junk. But perhaps more importantly, it helps readers see objects the way Hackett and Young do -- for their potential, not their current state.
The book is published by Artisan and sells for $14.95 in softcover.
hNew tape goesaround corners easier
A simple product is making an annoying task easier.
3M is now making its Scotch-Blue painter's tape in L-shaped pieces that let you tape off corners quickly and precisely. Each piece has a rounded interior angle that reduces tearing and can be used for taping off curved surfaces such as staircase spindles.
The tape is made for multiple surfaces, so it's suitable for wood trim and window panes. It can remain on surfaces up to 14 days without damage.
Scotch-Blue Painter's Tape for Corners has a suggested retail price of $4.99 for 60 pieces and is available at home-improvement stores, mass merchandisers and hardware stores nationwide.
Putting steam to work
Use the power of steam to loosen grease, grime and soap scum from hard-to-reach places.
Fill the 8-ounce Shark Steam Bottle with tap water, then squirt your way to clean - without harsh chemicals. Steam is ready to go in seconds, thanks to a 14-foot power cord. Attachments, which are not included, clean upholstery and other hard surfaces.
The item is about $50 at Macy's, Bed, Bath & amp; Beyond and Target.
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