Both vulnerable. South deals.

Both vulnerable. South deals.
x -10 8 4
u -8 7 5
v -K Q J 5 4
w -A Q
x -A K Q 5 3 x -9 7 2
u -A 9 2 u -10 4
v -8 6 v -10 9 3
w -9 7 3 w -J 10 5 4 2
x -J 6
u -K Q J 6 3
v -A 7 2
w -K 8 6
The bidding:
1u 1x 2v Pass
2u Pass 3u Pass
4u Pass Pass Pass
Opening lead: King of x
Don't hope for the impossible. There might be something more rewarding waiting to be nurtured.
The first three bids of the auction were routine. At his second turn North had to decide between an aggressive jump to four hearts and a more conservative three hearts. North elected the latter course because of a slightly suspect trump holding, but South had enough to proceed to game.
West led the king of spades and continued with the queen. The ace of trumps was a sure third trick for the defense, but where was the setting trick coming from? The auction made it impossible for East to hold either the ace of diamonds or king of clubs, so the only possibility was a second trump trick. That is not as remote as it might seem; as little as the jack or ten of hearts would do the trick.
At trick three West continued with the ace of spades. Declarer ruffed and led the jack of hearts, but West was having none of that. He grabbed the ace of hearts and led a fourth spade. Declarer ruffed with dummy's eight, but East overruffed with the ten, forcing declarer to overruff with a high honor. That promoted West's nine of hearts to the setting trick.
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