Goals and objectives
Meetings with local government officials, business owners and residents in Boardman and Canfield townships led to a list of goals and objectives for the U.S. 224 Corridor. Each goal is followed by objectives.
1. Reduce congestion in the corridor.
U Improve traffic flow.
U Improve travel time.
U Improve signage and pavement markings.
2. Improve safety.
U Reduce crashes.
U Reduce the number of access points.
U Safer access from side streets.
3. Preserve the economic viability of the corridor.
U Address access to businesses.
U Address parking lot flow.
U Establish cross-easements (interconnect parking lots).
U Encourage shared parking.
4. Reduce auto use within the corridor.
U Improve pedestrian routes.
U Investigate shuttle bus services.
5. Educate corridor drivers.
U Inform nonlocals of easiest routes.
U Increase awareness of traffic safety (maintaining distance between vehicles and proper use of dual left-turn lanes).
U Increase awareness of illegal practices.
6. Make the corridor environmentally friendly.
U Improve streetscaping.
U Avoid impacts to historic structures.
U Enhance green space where possible.
U Minimize impacts to Mill Creek and Boardman parks.
U Protect water resources.
Comments on these goals and objectives will become a list of alternative solutions. Stakeholders will look at the proposal and will have a say in which recommendations are feasible.
Source: 224 Corridor study group

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