Man faces charges after wandering into Canfield home

The suspect referred to police officers as 'Mom' and 'Dad.'
CANFIELD -- Daniel Rafferty, 20, of 200 Neff Road faces burglary and resisting arrest charges after wandering into a home just before midnight Friday, police said.
According to the police report, officers responded to a Deer Trail Avenue resident's call about an unidentified man who entered his residence.
The man exited the home, lay in the front yard, then entered the resident's van. He later returned to the front porch, giving the homeowner his own keys, saying, "I got my keys, and I'm Dan Rafferty."
After lying in the street, he got up and began running.
The report indicated an officer found the man still running, significantly impaired and sweating profusely.
The officer told him to stop. He stated his name, but began walking away.
The officer ordered Rafferty to come back to the cruiser, which he did, but walked away again.
When the officer asked him to come back a third time, he followed orders, but did not stop approaching, the report said.
After ignoring more commands and coming within 2 feet, the officer struck him in the chest with the heel of his palm. Rafferty backed away and sat looking at the ground.
He again stated his name but did not answer any questions. He stood up, saying nothing as he walked toward the officer again.
Another officer who arrived restrained Rafferty.
Rafferty ignored commands and struggled to get up several times, the report said. He was then handcuffed and placed in the back of the cruiser.
The report also said Rafferty referred to the male officers as "Mom" and "Dad" throughout the incident.
He was transported to Northside Hospital because of his extreme anxiety, sweating and heart rate. The report said the officer felt Rafferty was "completely incoherent."
Rafferty's court date is set for this evening in Canfield.

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