Greenlee finally told Ryan that she's pregnant. An enraged Ryan delivered an ultimatum to Greenlee and erupted. Zach, Greenlee and Kendall pursued Ryan and saw something horrifying. After Reggie punched Josh on seeing him with Danielle, Garret advised her not to tell Reggie that she and Josh had been intimate, but Danielle later made a confession to Reggie. Accused of deceit, Di offered to take a DNA test to prove she's telling the truth. When Aidan arrived with the test results, Adam had a revelation about Di. Tad still wanted to marry Krystal, who said they're through. Amanda was pleased with the progress she's making getting to Jamie.
Dusty found Jennifer in the cabin and helped deliver her premature baby, then rushed them to the hospital. Gwen also went into labor and gave birth to a preemie at the hospital. Craig was seen in the nursery, staring at his birth child and at the one he is about to adopt. With Craig strangely optimistic about the forthcoming adoption, Jennifer's baby suffered distress and died. Craig later observed Jennifer insisting that the dead baby isn't hers. Celia found out that Casey fathered Gwen's baby and broke up with him. Jack convinced Iris -- the woman in the photo -- not to tell Carly what really happened. However, Carly hired Henry to investigate her further.
With Stephanie hospitalized for an apparent heart attack, she told Taylor of Brooke's belief that she manipulated Ridge into renewing his vows with Taylor. Suspicious of Stephanie's amazingly fast recovery, Jackie flirted with Dr. Mark Maclaine and got him to admit there was deception in the room when Stephanie had the attack. Brooke warned Stephanie she'd be watching her. Taylor and Ridge were shocked when federal agent Dunn told them that Thomas and Gaby are married. Bridget admitted to Nick that she feels like his second priority after work.
Sami heard Eugenia admit to working with Kate to set up Sami with Brandon, and was determined to unearth evidence that will prove their conspiracy, and get her reward -- another chance with Lucas. Bo had to arrest Shawn, who was visited in jail by Belle, where they shared a kiss. Meanwhile, Kate teamed up with the judge to keep Shawn in jail. After she and Billie agreed to move in with Patrick, Chelsea was determined to seduce him. As Maggie excitedly planned to remarry Mickey and open her new restaurant, Bonnie misunderstood, believing that Mickey chose her. John and Kate planned a surprise renewal of their vows. Lexie told Belle she has an ulcer.
Alcazar was furious when Carly admitted she broke into Reese's penthouse and knocked her out. Reese couldn't bring herself to tell Sonny the truth after she learned his hard line about betrayal. Later, as Reese and Carly fought, Carly came to a realization about her rival. Maxie and Jesse got the better of Murphy, the crooked cop who tried to eliminate them. Jason decided to take action against Dr. Thomas after fearing he will expose Michael's secret. Lucky proposed to Elizabeth. When Jax offered to call off their deal, Elizabeth wondered if she's already pregnant. Ric and Alexis became closer when she suffered a medical scare following their car crash.
Harley tricked Alan into confessing, which was also heard by Lizzie, Alex, Beth, Rick, Bill and Olivia. Sebastian impersonated a cop and got Alan away from police custody, then demanded control of Spaulding Enterprises in return for his help. Sebastian intended to kidnap Lizzie to force Alan's hand, but Coop came to her rescue. Reva wanted to trick Nate into stealing from Lewis Construction, but when he disappeared along with the cash, it was actually Jonathan who had taken the money. Edmund uncovered Dinah's pregnancy deception but suggested that Dinah keep faking it to help him hurt Cassie.
After John was contacted by the killer using Natalie's cell phone, Marcie believed that Natalie might be buried alive on a football field. Spencer fantasized about Blair, but their encounter didn't go as he hoped. Kevin got a glimpse of Spencer's dark side. Nash saw someone drugging Tess' drink. When Tess passed out, Nash left but then took her to safety, and began to have a change of heart about her. Nora showed signs of a health problem. Antonio found out that R.J. might be doing something illegal to get the cash he needs.
Beth made her escape with Marty on a private jet. A devastated Sheridan told Luis she never wants to see him again. Before leaving Harmony, Luis vowed to Sheridan that he'd do everything in his power to return Marty to her. Alistair tempted Theresa with information about Gwen and Rebecca's secret, but wanted something personal from her in return. Noah blamed himself for Sam's firing, but Alistair deceived him into believing that Fancy is responsible. Unaware of Spike's conspiracy with Alistair to destroy the Bennetts, Jessica agreed to help Spike make money by working as a hooker.
Bobby warned J.T. that he'd have to be hurt in order for their plan to work. When J.T. wanted to back out, Bobby said that he and Brittany would have to move away or change their identities. Later, as J.T. showed up beaten and bruised, Vinny displayed his approval to Bobby. Daniel and Lily were arrested but the armed robbery charges were later dropped. Lily insisted that Daniel said he wasn't driving the car on the fateful night. Fed up with Nick's decision to fire her and the extent of his rage, Phyllis accused him of being guilt-ridden, and quit. Michael was confused by Lauren's refusal to have her son, Scotty, at the wedding. Dru caught Devon stealing from her purse to give to his mother.
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