Second man is charged

The first man charged has pleaded innocent to assault.
CAMPBELL -- Charges have been brought against a second man in the beating of a youth Sunday after Campbell City Fest.
A warrant was issued Friday against Manoli Scoutellis, 18, of Martha Street, Campbell. Scoutellis will be charged with attempted vehicular assault, said Campbell Detective Sgt. Gus Nicklaou.
Police determined that Scoutellis was driving the car that Timothy Reese was riding in Sunday night before a 12-year-old boy was beaten on a Campbell street around midnight.
Reese was charged with assault earlier this week.
Through his attorney, Anthony Donofrio, Reese, 18, of Princess Street, Campbell, pleaded innocent in Campbell Municipal Court Friday morning. Reese was arrested Monday on a misdemeanor assault charge and released later that day on a $2,500 bond. Reese is set for an Oct. 4 pretrial hearing.
"There are two sides to every story," Donofrio said. "Let's just let the case take its course through the justice system. Just put down that I have no comment, and that's all I'm going to say."
The charge against Reese carries a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine, according to Campbell prosecutor Brian Macala.
The charge against Scoutellis is a felony, Nicklaou said.
Police report
According to police reports, two 12-year-old boys were riding their bicycles along Penhale Avenue after 11:30 p.m. Sunday when they passed a parked car with three men sitting on the hood. The boys said the men shouted to them as they passed by. When they got past the car, they heard it start and come toward them, reports said. The car continued to follow one of the boys closely until he stopped in the middle of the road near Gordon Avenue.
At that point, the car stopped and one of the men got out, threw the boy to the ground and started punching him, police said.
The report said the man continued to punch the boy with his closed fist in the back and head until the other two men got out of the car, pulled him off and said, "Let's go, Tim."
The boy's family said he believes that a second car pulled up during the beating and a man got out of the car and said, "What are you doing to that little boy?" while pulling the man off.
But Nicklaou said that he is not aware of a second car.
According to the police report, Scoutellis is believed to be the person who pulled the child's assailant away.

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