The Pampered Chef: The Story of One of America's Most Beloved Companies
The Pampered Chef is Doris Christopher's extraordinary account of how she turned an innovative concept and a $3,000 investment into close to a billion-dollar business, and is packed with real-life lessons and inspiring insights for small-business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. She describes the early days of her & quot;one-woman show, & quot; chronicles the company's expansion, and offers invaluable advice and sound strategies on founding and growing a business, including:
* Eleven tips for start-up entrepreneurs
* Creating a concept for a business and setting your priorities
* Hitting the $1 million mark and knowing when to slow growth
* Steering clear of naysayers and dealing with adversity
* Establishing a stress-free work environment
Christopher recognized that millions of women did not own or even know how to use quality kitchen tools. Using her products to help bring families together in the kitchen, Christopher discovered a huge, untapped market. Through The Pampered Chef's easy-to-master techniques for streamlining meal preparation, customers not only became more skillful in the kitchen, they gained valuable time to spend with their families.
Achieving a better balance between work and family remains central to The Pampered Chef's mission. The Pampered Chef brings Christopher's recipe for success to women (and men) everywhere.

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