Making the call home to give yourself a message

Dear Heloise: I have been reading the column since your mother started it here in Hawaii, and I make it a point to check each day's hints.
I have learned a great deal and would like to offer one I discovered. After writing many reminder memos to myself on paper, etc., I finally figured out a way to give myself a message. If I have to bring something from home to work, I call and leave a message on my home recorder so I remember when I check my messages in the evening. Likewise, if there is something I need to do at work, I call and leave a message on my office phone. I hope this helps others who have to remind themselves. Iris Nitta, Wailuku, Hawaii
Iris, you're right -- my mother started the column in Hawaii in early 1959, so you've been reading it for a long time! Thanks! Your hint could come in handy for anyone. Heloise
Fast facts
Good uses for newspapers:
UBall up newspapers loosely and put them in empty plastic containers to help keep strong odors out.
UI use large balls of newspaper to get odors out of ice chests when storing them. I also use newspaper balls to keep them fresh after summer uses. Juanita Day, Hickory, N.C.
Dear Heloise: I found that I needed an extra platter for serving at a party. I realized that the glass tray inside my microwave was perfect for this use. It was easily washed and returned to the microwave. JoAnne, Woodbridge, Va.
Dear Heloise: Here's an idea that need not cost anything: Got an extra plastic pitcher and cover lying around? How about using them for easy storing and pouring of dry cereal or other grains?
And while we're at it, why not detach the corners of the cardboard cereal containers, then flatten and fold them in order to save space in our kitchen garbage? Certainly seems practical to me. We do it all the time. T.H. in New Jersey
Dear Heloise: Here is my favorite sewing tip: To keep the foot pedal in place, I put my computer mouse pad upside down under it. No more slipping away from me. Millie, via e-mail
Sound off
Dear Heloise: I've had a pet peeve for several years now, and it's this: I wonder why some people, especially women, wet their hands in the sink first and then dribble water all over the counter to get soap from a dispenser. Why not turn on the water, get the soap with a dry hand and then add a little water to work up a lather? No mess all over the counter for other people to get on their sleeves, etc. Florida Reader
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