HELOISE Some fetching humorous names given pets

Dear Readers: A while back, we shared unique or funny pet names in a series of columns. Well, we have since received many, many more! We hope they give you a chuckle as they did us:
UMary Perez in San Antonio said her son sold a dog, and the buyer took so long to make a payment that the dog was repossessed. So, the dog was named Repo, and even the vet had a good laugh.
UBarbara Brown of Colleyville, Texas, said that as a young girl she had her heart set on having a solid-black cat so she could name it Midnight. The cat she ended up with was a deep gray, not quite black, so she named him Eleven-thirty.
UGloria Presser of Channelview, Texas, said she once found a dog at a self-service laundry whom no one claimed and who was the sweetest dog she could have ever asked for. She had her for years and named her Washer.
UJanie Lay of Heber Springs, Ark., says, "Because our last name is Lay, we named our dog Frito."
URick in Live Oak, Texas, has a Boston terrier (black and white), and he named her Oreo.
UPeggie C. Leifeste of Matawan, N.J., said she has a cat called Q. She did not know if the new fuzzball was a boy or a girl -- it was a question, so Q it became.
Again, I want to thank the thousands of readers who took the time to drop us their pets' names. Pets add such joy to a household! Heloise
Dear Readers: Susan and George Hewell of Jacksonville, Fla., sent us a photo of Susan with Babalu, a bichon fris & eacute;.
Susan says: "My husband and I have always been big fans of the old 'I Love Lucy' shows. Our bichon fris & eacute; is quite an entertainer (a showoff, dancing on her hind legs), so we named her Babalu after Ricky Ricardo's signature song."
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Dear Heloise: We own several cats and love them dearly, but not the hair they leave on the furniture. When cleaning one day with plastic gloves on, I discovered that wiping the gloves over the furniture got all the cat hair stuck to them, and the furniture was free of the cat hair. This works when vacuuming doesn't. It sure makes life easier. Maryalice Moore, Elkton, Md.
Dear Heloise: Dog lovers, please check your dog's ears after it has been groomed and bathed. The groomer forgot to remove the cotton balls from my dog's ears, and my dog acted deaf and started scratching her ears until I found out why she was acting so strangely. Jean Banister, Fairview, Pa.
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