Hair may be all curled up this summer

NEW YORK (AP) -- Hairstylist Frederic Fekkai says it's important to take trends, which for summer include bangs and loose curls, and twist and turn them to work for you.
"Take bangs -- if they don't work for you, maybe grow your (front) hair longer and sweep it to the side and angle it. You can even get the same spirit with long layers and no bangs," Fekkai says. "It's my job to customize the look for everyone."
Curls offer a lot of flexibility, especially when they're soft and loose, because the hair can be worn down, in an updo or pulled away from the face with barrettes, clips or other accessories.
Curls also often lead to healthy hair, according to Fekkai. "Curls can be relaxed in a natural way. You don't need a chemical treatment and no more Japanese (straightening) treatments, which are very damaging."
If your hair is too curly or frizzy, he suggests applying a straightening product combined with a glossing cream and dry your hair naturally or using a blow dryer on a cool setting. And for high shine, rinse shampoo and conditioner in the shower with cold water.

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