Feeling rundown?A white umbrella could do the trick

NEW YORK (AP) -- Some days are better than others, and that goes for appearances, too.
For those less than perfect beauty moments, a recent issue of Cosmopolitan offered some quick fixes.
When the weather doesn't cooperate, try a tinted moisturizer and peach or fuchsia lip gloss, which offer a radiant, not dewy, look, suggests makeup artist Mally Rancal. A sky blue or grass green eye shadow, both cool tones, can be a nice contrast on a gray day, she adds.
Also, carry a white umbrella to reflect a hint of light onto your face, and an anti-frizz hair product is a must.
If you feel like you're getting sick, liven your lips with a rosy pink gloss, which will bring more vitality to your face than a nude shade, according to makeup and hair artist Emir. But on the cheeks, opt for a creamy bronzer instead of pink blush, which might make you look feverish.
And if you simply feel -- and look -- like you're running ragged, peach and brown blush and shadow shades will warm up a drained complexion.
To hide under-eye circles, pat on a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone, or you can mix a tiny bit of soft white cream eye shadow to your normal concealer shade.
A whiff of citrus, maybe from a fruity perfume, might stimulate the senses, making you feel more alert.
"Simply putting on a little lipstick or a favorite scent can offer a definite mood burst," Christine , co-author of "Mind Over Mood," tells the magazine.

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