City law director treated for bite mark

He suffered two scratches to his right leg.
WARREN -- Greg Hicks, the city's law director, is recovering from a pit bull attack and subsequent treatment at Forum Health Trumbull Memorial Hospital.
Hicks, 54, said he wound up with a "nice bite mark."
The law director told police who were dispatched to the Perkins Park area about 8 p.m. Thursday that he was in the yard of his Mahoning Avenue Northwest home and had his dog on a leash, when two dogs ran into the yard.
Hicks said he tries to give other dogs a wide breadth when he's out for his daily pet walk.
One dog, the pit bull, tried to attack his Dalmatian.
Hicks told police he was injured as he tried to separate the dogs. He had two lacerations to his right leg and was bleeding from both, police said.
Hicks took himself to the hospital for a tetanus shot. He was back at work Friday.
The attacking dog
Police questioned the dog owner, who said he was walking his dogs in the park and took them off the leash. They ran across the street and he chased after them but couldn't catch them.
The owner said he was unaware anyone had been attacked.
Police said the dog that attacked the law director was a 10-month-old female. There also was a German shepherd with this dog. When police spoke with the owner, the two dogs were back on the leash, but a third dog was running loose.
No charges had been filed Friday morning. The animal control officer, however, was going to speak to the owner.
People are free to walk their dogs in the park.
Warren, however, requires people to keep dogs on leashes in public places, prohibits dogs and cats from running at large, and require dogs living outside to be housed in pens with sides and a top.
Hicks said he had only recently been discussing the need for better signs for pet owners and patrols in the park area.
City ordinance defines vicious dogs as those that have killed or injured a person or another dog without provocation or a dog trained for dog fighting. People who own vicious dogs are required to maintain liability insurance.

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