Vote no on Aug. school levy, Girard resident recommends

Vote no on Aug. school levy,Girard resident recommends
I am writing this letter about the Aug. 2 school levy in Girard. This is just my opinion, but it sure seems ridiculous that we are having a special election to vote on a 4.9-mill levy for a new school. They are saying 4.9 mills, but if this levy passes, I bet the future holds a much higher millage. I am sure school officials will say they need more money for things that weren't accounted for (Whoops! We forgot to count this or that).
Why is the school board so intent on purchasing the Mahoning Golf Course when it could save us taxpayers the millions by putting the school in Liberty Park or even remodel the current school? From my understanding board members could remodel the school and still get the money from the state. That would save us taxpayers even more money.
In November, we have elections for our police force, which is more important. In fact, we need to have our city in order, out of debt, and in the clear before we add more bills to our residents, especially the elderly. Our water rates went up 91/2 percent as of July 1. How much more do you think our elderly can afford to live here, or basically anyone? Or haven't you noticed the "For Sale" signs where people are trying to get the heck out of this city? Have you noticed all the empty school buildings sitting around? I counted three, which is three too many.
What do we need a big campus-style school for anyway? There were only 118 graduates this year and 150 at most next year. Maybe school board members just want to pretend that we are all well off like other school districts, but they should come to reality and see this town for what it is, which is broke.
Wake up and see. If we lose the golf course, we lose tax money going into the city, and we will have an oversized school for what we really need. I say vote "no," keep the golf course, and let the school board get over it and put the school somewhere else.
Austintown schools keepstellar bus-safety record
The utmost concern of the Austintown Local Schools' transportation department is to provide safe and secure transportation to all of our bus riders, both public and non-public. We transport students to and from school, to extracurricular activities and to field trips. While the logistics of transporting nearly 5,100 students daily to 23 different locations is monumental, we strive to preserve our sterling safety record.
Our staff of mechanics and bus drivers is to be commended on their dedication, service and responsiveness. Our 50 buses are kept in the absolute safest condition as they receive preventive maintenance, ensuring each one passes the Ohio State Highway Patrol inspection with flying colors. Our drivers work very closely with our transportation supervisor to ensure safe and effective transportation.
We continuously educate our drivers as they are made aware of constant updates in pupil transportation, pupil management, safety instruction, and emergency procedures. We feel building consistency results in safe and effective transportation for all Austintown bus riders. Our drivers receive top-notch driver training and recertification programs.
As we strive to continuously provide premium transportation service, safety remains our top priority. In the 2004-05 school year, we had no serious injuries, no reports of weapons, and no reports of drugs on our buses in Austintown. Considering we transport nearly 5,100 public and non-public students twice a day, 180 days a year, equating to 1.8 million yearly transports, we have an outstanding safety record. Last year, we reported two short unaccounted student situations, but we promptly and professionally handled the situations. No child was ever left unattended, and fortunately no one was injured.
With 3,135 daily miles and 564,300 annual routine miles, we are proud of our current safety records. We will continue to ensure the safety and welfare of all Austintown students, as we continue to provide exceptional transportation service to our young people.
Public Relations Coordinator Austintown Local Schools