MOSQUITO DAM Police patrol area for lewd behavior

The chief said the indecent exposure acts were taking place in the afternoon.
BAZETTA -- Police are continuing to patrol Mosquito Dam to make sure no indecent exposure acts are taking place.
There have been no more arrests since June and Police Chief Chuck Sayers wants to keep it that way.
Last month, police arrested nine men on indecent exposure and other sex-related charges.
"I have received so many calls from people all over who go to the lake, and they want to make sure this behavior stops," Sayers said. "The last few times we have been there, we have noticed people leaving as soon as they spot the cars."
The chief said he is concerned because the indecent exposure acts were taking place in the afternoon.
"Parents will often take their children to the lake in the afternoon and we don't want them to witness this," Sayers said. "We are going to be very aggressive and make sure this type of activity stops."
An 'epidemic' problem
All of the arrests have been made at or near the boat launch east of Mosquito Dam.
"Our goal is to keep the area safe for everyone," Sayers said.
He noted police stepped up patrols in the area after receiving calls from officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who were concerned. The chief said the problem was becoming an "epidemic." He stated that officers arrested three men in a single day for indecent exposure.
He noted that in past years there have been similar arrests but the activity increased this year.
So far seven men have been convicted on the charges in Central District Court. Sayers noted that two others have pleaded innocent.

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