Marriage applications
Brian Roach, legal age, Beloit, Wis, and Mary Drummond, legal age, Boardman.
Thomas Perry Jr., 23, of 351 6th St., Campbell, and Mililani Schindell, 22, of same address.
John Hainsworth III, 30, of 460 Penhall Ave., Campbell, and Michele Butcher, 30, of same address.
Jonathan Mazei, 35, of 7960 Market St., Boardman, and Nicole Tikson, 29, of 70 Woodrow Ave., Boardman.
Marc Misik, 28, of Fayetteville, N.C., and Heather Jones, 27, of same address.
David Savon Jr., 21, of 235 Deer Trail, Canfield, and Erin Barth, 18, of 3265 Western Reserve Road, Poland.
Gary Johnson Jr., 22, of 215 N. Roanoke, Austintown, and Heather Featsent, 23, of same address.
Robert Roach, 24, of 5565 Madrid Drive, Austintown, and Beth Goda, 25, same address.
Justin Burgy, 24, of 1950 Manhattan, Youngstown, and FNU Alka, 20, of 5280 76 Drive, Austintown.
Robert Schaeffer, 23, of 1826 Coit Road, Lowellville, and Nichelle Frost, 20, of same address.
Jerry Zeock, 31, of 189 Fair Meadow Drive, Austintown, and Jennifer Phillips, 28, of same address.
David Gossett, 25, of 2550 S. Raccoon Road, Austintown and Jennifer Mellott, 21, of same address.
Jon-Paul McConnell, 18, of 872 Cedar Way, Boardman and Megan Nelson, 19, of 8575 Shady Glen Trail, Poland.
Richard Marsh II, 32, of 3790 Mercedes Place, Canfield, and Lindsay Zimmerman-Keffer, 27, of same address.
James Moon, 40, of 111 Diana Drive, Poland, and Maria Vargo, 35, of 50 Colonial Est., Poland.
Michael Vlaiku, 22, of 3801 Cumberland Drive, Austintown, and Janet Kennehan, 21, of 6984 Ruby Courts, Austintown.
James Jones, 46, of 10 Water Street, Poland, and Jill Casciano, 44, of 621 Cathyann Drive., Boardman.
George Thompson Jr., 57, of 2563 Bainbridge Ave., Youngstown, and Patricia Herrera, 48, of 2814 Bainbridge Ave., Youngstown.
Docket entries
State vs. Linda B. Grace, defendant violates probation and is placed in prison for nine months.
State vs. Dino Socciarelli, placed on three-year probation, fined, and driving privileges suspended for three years.
State vs. James Mitchell, three-year probaton and defendant to complete day-reporting program at CCA.
State vs. Teyonia L. Moorer, sentenced to four years in prison.
State vs. John L. Taylor, two-year probation and defendant to submit to drug and/or alcohol counseling or treatment.
Don C. Perkins vs. Land Rover of Akron, settled.
Rex Machine Inc. et al vs. National City Bank, settled.
Bankers Trust Co. of California N.A. vs. Lewis Holmes et al, magistrate's decision upheld and adopted by the court.
Citifinancial Mtg. Co. vs. Scott Pyles et al, sale confirmed.
Mtg. Electronic Registration Systems Inc. et al vs. Scot Huebner et al, previous judgment set aside, case dismissed.
Clement Revetti vs. USX Corp. et al, settled.
Arnold Oblonsky vs. Portis Benefits Insurance Co. et al, judgment entry.
Martin Chizmar vs. USX Corp. et al, settled.
Lawyer Mitchum vs. USX Corp. et al, settled.
Joseph Illes vs. USX Corp. et al, settled.
Lawrence Phillips vs. USX Corp. et al, settled.
Janet Kennehan et al vs. Danielle M. Gotshaw et al, settled.
Alliance Mtg. Co. vs. Marcy R. Taylor et al, sale confirmed.
Bryan Dickens vs. John A. Sherwood et al, settled.
Bank of America N.A. vs. Rahheema Ali Peoples et al, sale confirmed.
John Peoples vs. U.S. Steel Corp. et al, settled.
Pauline Mitchell vs. USX Corp. et al, settled.
George A. Lesnansky et al vs. Joseph R. Bevilacqua et al, settled.
Edward Windom vs. U.S. Steel Corp. et al, settled.
Provident Bank vs. William Donnadio et al, sale confirmed.
LaSalle Bank N.A. vs. Jeff W. Collingwood et al, sale confirmed.
Edward Byrdy vs. C. James Conrad et al, settled.
Bank One N.A. vs. Sidney Snyder et al, sale confirmed.
Cendant Mtg. Corp. vs. Mark Swantek et al, sale confirmed.
M & amp; T Mtg. Corp. vs. Daryl S. Moore Sr. et al, foreclosure.
Vicki Raynovich et al vs. McDonald's et al, settled.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. vs. Richard Raphael et al, dismissed.
John A. Frazier vs. USX Corp. et al, settled.
Ohio Machinery Co. vs. LAS Recycling Co. et al, settled.
LaSalle Bank N.A. vs. Maura N. Myers et al, sale confirmed.
Bank One N.A. vs. Roseann M. Kimla et al, foreclosure.
Mtg. Electronic Registration Systems Inc. vs. Andrew Tuel et al, foreclosure.
Nuha Awadallah et al vs. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. et al, settled.
Bank One N.A. vs. Darlene Williams et al, foreclosure.
Towne Mtg. Co. vs. Darryl S. Moore Sr. et al, foreclosures.
Jean Bussard vs. Steven Milligan, dismissed.
Ricky D. Williams Sr. vs. Eric Braxton, magistrate's decision upheld and adopted by the court.
Janicka D. Shuler vs. Kimmicka McGeorge, petitioner fails to appear, case dismissed.
Real estate transfers
Edna Greenawalt et al to Randy Courtney, Beloit, $65,000.
Standard Federal Bank to C. Matthew et al, Austintown, $42,500.
Thomas Cicatullo et al to David Sese et al, Youngstown, $290,000.
Amb Realty LLC to Dennis Bloomingdale, Youngstown, $69,500.
GRPL enterprises Inc. to Richard Thomas et al, Canfield, $375,900.
Guy Barrett III et al to Christopher May et al, Boardmann, $170,600.
DiCiccio Construction to Denee Peterson, Poland, $216,920.
Brian Chambers et al to Eric neely, Youngstown, $118,000.
Ryan Tabor et al to Scott Edwards Roth, Youngstown, $31,500.
Jeffrey England et al to Jason Andrews, Struthers, $96,350.
Countryside Development Ltd to Jockoch Construction Inc., Austintown, $35,862.50.
Maryann Tavolaris et al to Patrick Livingston et al, Youngstown, $67,000.
Barbra Thomas et al to Wallace Wiggen, Youngstown, $71,400.
Sophia Juruaz to James Sirvent et al, Youngstown, $56,900.
Paul Franke et al to Joseph Zidian et al, Struthers, $47,000.
Sharpe Builders Inc. to Zoanne Snider, Poland, $ 170,000.
Timothy McKenzie et al to Melissa Greborino, Beaver Twp, $84,000.
Dale Sullivan to Nichole Shields et al, Boardman, $77,250.
Jenli Inc. an Ohio Corp., to Jenmik Inc. an Ohio Corp., Youngstown, $160,000.
Enrique Vega to Margaret Cruz, Youngstown, $75,000.
Michael Tych et al to Daniel Benyi Jr., Struthers, $52,000.
US Bank NA et al to Metropolitan Real Estate Inc., Youngstown, $9,500.
Kenneth Matheny et al to Suzanne Fleming, Twp of Milton, $33,389.25.
Mary Bednar to Leonel Ruano, Campbell, $85,900.
MetCalf to Schultz, Youngstown, $75,000.
Brian Cherol et al to David Clark, Youngstown, $12,000.
Nancy Childress Wood et al to Gerald Miller et al, Boardman, $140,000.
Wells Fargo Bank et al to Kevin Dill, Campbell, $18,600.
Leo Management 2002 Inc. to Aaron Hawkins, Sebring, $15,000.
Cherry Cappabianca to Fred Ragozzine et al, Youngstown, $95,400.
Deborah Burcy to David Stryffeler et al, Youngstown, $131,250.
Donna Dekatch et al to Julianna Dekatch, Youngstown, $60,000.
Mill Creek Land Corp. to Mill Creek Homes Ltd., Canfield, $35,000.
Todd Flamisch to Robert Fox, Youngstown, $70,000.
Jesus Roelriek Jr. to Wendy Laddy, Youngstown, $41,500.
Emsen Milliron et al to Scott Donnachie, Boardman Twp, $83,000.
Angelilli Builders Inc. to Dianna Vansarch et al, Canfield Twp, $370,000.
DiCioccio Construction to Ronald Di'Bacco et al, Poland, $195,113.
Nehemia Rivera et al to Federal National Mortgage Association, Youngstownn $40,000.
Estate of Margaret Kazy to Harold Carpenter et al, Diamond, $100,000.
Catherine Johnson et al to Wells Fargo Bank N.A. as Trustee, Youngstown, $50,000.
Arthur Hanze et al to Linda Diana et al, Youngstown, $169,000.
Jovi Properties to Target Services LLC, Youngstown, $4,900.
Thomas Jones et al to John Heasley, Youngstown, $105,000.
Herbert Schadel et al to Benjamin Vega et al, Boardman, $150,000.
Anrea Anderson to Edward O'Neil Jr. et al, Austintown, $88,500.
Cedar Mews Ltd. to Matthew Crisci, Boardman, $115,000.
Abm Amro Mortgage Group Inc. to Mark King, Youngstown, $21,500.
Donofrio Family Revocable Living Trust to D.A.D. Enterprises, Youngstown, $26,000.

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