Forum Health Women and Infants Pavilion

Forum Health Women and Infants Pavilion
Sammie and Michael Snyder, 168 Homestead Drive, Boardman, girl, July 14.
Barbara and Jerome Green, girl, July 14.
Rebecca and Dwayne Dee, 953 Cornell St., Youngstown, boy, July 14.
Lisa and Donald Martin, 537 Cambridge, Youngstown, girl, July 14.
Kristina Ellis and Eddie Williams, 833 E. Lucias, Youngstown, girl, July 14.
Karen and Jim Harger, 4744 Kennedy Road, Lowellville, girl, July 14.
Sharon Regional Health Center
Alisha Wilson, Sharon, son, July 12.
Christy and Anthony DeBaldo, 6831 Pinebrook Court, Austintown, girl, July 13.
Julie and Raymond Pagan, 730 Ventura Drive, Youngstown, boy, July 13.
Tracy and Matt Niemla, 7568 Buchanan Drive, Boardman, girl, July 14.
Sammi and Michael Snyder, 168 Homestead Drive, Boardman, girl, July 14.
St. Elizabeth Health Center
Susan and Tony Kovach, Youngstown, boy, July 13.
Mary and Richard Crozier, Brookfield, boy, July 13.
Jodi and Scott Zajack, McDonald, girl, July 13.
Colleen and Christopher Joss, Youngstown, girl, July 13.
Lauri and Troy Sauerwein, 11776 Washingtonville Road, Salem, girl, July 13.
Daniele and Jeff Phillips, Youngstown, boy, July 14.
St. Joseph Health Center
Amanda and Gerald Brewer, Warren, boy, July 13.
Tasha and Damon Dixon, Youngstown, girl, July 13.
Heather and John Hershberger, Warren, boy, July 13.
Trumbull Memorial
Alexis Buckner and Glenn Laney, 5687 Burns Lane, Hubbard, boy, July 14.
Amy and Charles Peddilord, 401 Southern Blvd., Warren, girl, July 14.
Tara Elkins and LeVar Allen, 1594 Second St., Youngstown, boy, July 13.
Amy and Shawn Mark, 272 Portal Drive, Cortland, girl, July 12.
LeeAnn and Derrick Westen Pelder, 4447 State Route 305, Southington, girl, July 12.
Jessica Berendt, 5971 Hoagland Blackstud Road, Cortland, boy, July 13.

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