Marriage applications
Robert Straley, 29, of 580 Lincoln, Struthers, and Melinda Bonwick, 26, of same address.
DeHaven Scurry, 36, of 53 Bissell Ave., Youngstown, and Annette Mitchell, 30, of same address.
James Killing, 24, of 139 North Roanoke Ave., Austintown, and Nicole Speerhas, 23, of same address.
Christopher Barton, 32, of 4620 Rhode Island, Austintown, and Vicki Giannini, 34, of same address.
James DeBartolo, 37, of 671 Mapleridge Dr., Boardman, and Pamela Pappas, 27, of 2895 Youngstown-Kingsville Road, Cortland.
Leo Heffron, 34, of 2722 Jean St., Youngstown, and Christine Bungo, 23, of 4903 Westchester Dr., Austintown.
Michael Gasaway, 24, of 7059 West Blvd., Boardman, and Kristin Kimble, 20, of same address.
Docket entries
Michele Nemenz, executrix of estate of Frederick G. Nemenz vs. Henry P. Nemenz et al, settled.
Medical Imaging Network Inc. vs. Merritt Hawkins & amp; Associates, judgment for plaintiff.
Robert Borden et al vs. Robert Yurchison et al, settled.
Priscilla Malagisi et al vs. Arby's Restaurant et al, settled.
Frenchtown Square Partnership vs. George McCoy et al, settled.
Irma Gabrick et al vs. Brendan McClaskey, settled.
Wells Fargo Home Mtg. Inc. vs. David Kerns et al, sale confirmed.
Mtg. Electronic Registration Systems Inc. vs. Joe Ostavitz et al, sale confirmed.
Earl A. Charity et al vs. Marla A. DeVito et al, settled.
Citibank N.A. vs. Tonya Laurein et al, judgment entry and decree.
Cendant Mtg. Corp. vs. Rebecca J. Wright et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Bryce Hines et al, foreclosure.
Bank One N.A. vs. Michael P. Brindley et al, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mtg. Co. Inc. vs. William M. Fantone et al, foreclosure.
Mary Kay Snyder vs. Lynn Sckruck, dismissed.
State vs. Gary R. Davis, three-year probation.
State vs. Patty McCormick, two-year probation and defendant to make restitution.
State vs. Tiffany Getsy, three-year probation and defendant's driver's license suspended for six months.
State vs. Jack Lenz, defendant to complete an Ohio Adult Parole Authority treatment program and pay court costs.
State vs. Robert J. Zaku Sr., sixth-month probation.
Key Bank U.S.A. National Association vs. Deborah Krause et al, judgment paid in full.
Homeowners Association of Arrowhead Bay vs. Randy D. Walter et al, settled.
Michelle Phibbs et al vs. Arlene E. Angelo et al, settled.
Efrain Ruano vs. C. James Conrad et al, dismissed.
Great Seneca Financial Corp. vs. Catherine A. Harris, judgment for plaintiff.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Brian D. Rutter et al, sale confirmed.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. et al vs. John P. Penix et al, sale confirmed.
Diana L. Getz et al, vs. Jeremy M. Schneider, settled.
Beverly E. Jones vs. Good Food Co. et al, dismissed.
Mahoning Valley Infusioncare Inc. vs. John M. Blott et al, settled.
Jennah M. Cope vs. Susan Stanley et al, settled.
U.S. Bank N.A. vs. Kathleen L. Ward et al, sale confirmed.
Nationscredit Financial Services Corp. vs. John P. Leetch et al, sale confirmed.
Real estate transfers
Northeastern Properties Ohio Inc. to K & amp;M Real Estate, Youngstown, $23,000.
Joseph Mazzocca et al to Charles Guzman et al, Campbell, $136,170.
Willie Frazier to Destnee Toliver, Youngstown, $51,500.
Lyjo Enterprises to Theodore Brown Jr., Youngstown, $31,684.
Emanuel Ginnis to Edwin Torres, Lowellville, $148,000.
Integrity Funding Ltd to Eric Faubel et al, Youngstown, $75,000.
Irene Oyster to David Burtscher, Lake Milton, $19,500.
Kris Loy et al to Carol Schneider, Youngstown, $128,250.
DJD & amp;C Development Inc. to Lauren Koulianos, Poland, $89,900.
Beatrice Hromyak to Mary Herycyk, Struthers, $89,000.
Angel Hernandez et al to Carithia Inc., Youngstown, $1,100.
Frederick Shaffer to Jerry Phillips et al, Campbell, $75,000.
251 Edgehill Trust et al to Stephen Barba Sr., Youngstown, $58,000.
Robert Haas et al to Joel Mastervich et al, Poland, $324,900.
Emmett Warren Jr. to Thomas Tubbs, Youngstown, $54,000.
Kathleen Paszel et al to Mireya Khawli, Poland, $225,000.
Ann Ruth Desmond et al to Theresa Lyden, Youngstown, $78,000.
Michael Marado et al to Joseph Grearheart et al, Youngstown, $82,500.
Bank One National Assoc., to Larry Dennis Clegg, Jr., Jackson, $36,000.
Vincent Arduin et al to Kerry Hawn et al, Youngstown, $126,000.
Julia Vaughn to Iverson Investments Inc., Youngstown, $7,500.
Norine Blasko to Diane Miller, Campbell, $70,500.
David Burns et al to Carol Haus, Youngstown, $62,500.
C.T.W. Development Corp. to J & amp;J Builders Inc., Canfield Twp, $70,000.
Evergreen Land Development LLC to Richard Donatelli, Columbiana, $450,000.
S. Samuel Cere Jr. to Samuel Pitzvlo, Canfield, $110,000.
Vittorio Rucci to 6 Sorice Builders Inc., Canfield, $45,000.
Mary Fishel to Alex Bagnoli, Canfield, $16,000.
Jamison Brick Inc. to Mark Schreiber et al, Youngstown, $28,000.
Docket entries
State vs. Russell Appenzeller, defendant violates probation and original four-year prison sentence imposed.
State vs. Michael W. Miller, sentenced to one-year in prison and to pay the costs of prosecution.
State vs. Justin Britt, three-year probation and defendant to complete an APA treatment program and to make $300 restitution.
State vs. Karl R. Black, 10-month probation.
State vs. Jeffrey Swanson, sentenced to six months in the Mahoning County jail.
State vs. Juan Gerardino, six-month probation and defendant to pay a $500 fine.
State vs. Perry H. Hudson, five-year probation and defendant to complete a day-reporting program at CCA.
Mahoning National Bank vs. Michael P. Adams, settled.
Jamali Ferideh et al vs. Scottsdale Insurance Co. et al, settled.
Peter A. Desocio vs. Frank A. Peachock Jr. et al, settled.
Matilda Farkas vs. Humility House et al, dismissed.
James A. Davis Sr. vs. Carl Desiato, magistrate's decision adopted by the court.
Loree Stroh vs. Thomas Turney et al, settled.
Homeowners Association of Arrowhead Bay vs. Alan K. Bott et al, sale confirmed.
Joyce Crawford vs. William Holtzman et al, dismissed.
Deutsche Bank Trust Co. vs. Desmond J. Hilson et al, sale confirmed.
Wells Fargo Home Mtg. Inc. vs. Bruce G. Hayes Sr. et al, sale confirmed.
John J. Hartzell et al vs. Allstate Insurance Co. et al, settled.
David Curl et al vs. Frank J. Kocab, settled.
William Cunningham et al vs. Boak & amp; Sons Inc. et al, settled.
Mtg. Electronic Registration Systems Inc. vs. Kenneth Melquist et al, sale confirmed.
County treasurer vs. William Richards et al, distribution ordered.
Financial Freedom Senior Funding Corp. vs. Margaret Wollet et al, sale confirmed.
Nelson Oliver, a minor, through his parent vs. Dale Detwiler et al, dismissed.
Leader Mtg. Co. vs. Richard A. Bissett et al, sale confirmed.
Midfirst Bank vs. Steven E. Mulichak et al, sale confirmed.
Second National Bank of Warren vs. Keith Greenwood et al, sale confirmed.
Bonnie A. Blattman Turner vs. Youngstown Development Center et al, settled.
Jordan R. Case vs. Robert A. Long, settled.
Wells Fargo Bank N.A. vs. Vinetta M. Davis et al, sale confirmed.
Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis vs. James P. Nagy et al, sale confirmed.
Firstmerit Mtg. Corp. vs. DeWayne Lockhart et al, sale confirmed.
First Resolution Investment Corp. vs. James E. Cottle, matter fully paid and case discharged.
Anissa D. Harris vs. Larry J. Anglin et al, settled.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. vs. Darrel Geiger et al, foreclosure.
Joseph R. Cooper vs. Denise K. Hampson et al, dismissed for want of prosecution.
Home Savings & amp; Loan Co. of Youngstown vs. Estate of Suzette M. Frazzini et al, foreclosure.
State Street Bank & amp; Trust Co. vs. Herman Dean et al, dismissed.
Loretta Bares vs. Albert Schulte et al, magistrate's decision adopted as order of the court.
Mary K. Moore vs. Curtis J. Young, petitioner fails to appear, case dismissed.

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