Marriage applications
Douglas Westfall, 48, of 356 Stanley Road, Akron, and Patricia Jo Perruzzi, 48, of 2284 Edgewater Driveive, Poland.
Lawrence Anderson, 22, of 6980 Ron Park Place, Boardman, and Amanda Mayhew, 24, of Richardson, Texas.
Dominic Ciarniello, 45, of 4795 Kirk Road, Austintown, and Chrystal Wheatcroft, 24, of McDonald.
Davin Bennett, 33, of Cleveland, and Ellen Harvischak, 35, of 258 Clarencedale, Youngstown.
Justin Dillon, 24, of 305 S. Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown, and Amanda Mort, 23, of same address.
Jeffrey DeChellis, 28, of 58 Center St., Struthers, and Colleen Eagon, 27, of same address.
Nafees Fazal, 30, of North Lima, and Stephanie Sies, 33, of 548 Harmon Ave., Youngstown.
Russell Patrick Jr. 34, of Lake Milton, and Joyce Phillips, 48, of New Castle, Pa.
New cases
QualChoice Inc vs. Nicole Moschella; money.
Joshua Bowers vs. Robert Dunlap; stalking.
National City Bank vs. Joseph E Pirtz et al; foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank as Trustee for Certificateholders of Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities Inc, Asset Backed Certificates, Series 2003-2, c/o EMC Mortgage Corp vs. Theresa M Muscolo et al; foreclosure.
JP Morgan Chase Bank as Trustee, c/o Litton Loan Servicing LP vs. Henry Schiavi et al; foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank NA, successor by merger to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc vs. Myltris J Wiseman et al; foreclosure.
Chase Home Finance LLC and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc, c/o Chase Home Finance LLC vs. Charles McCray et al; foreclosure.
Ameritech Publishing Inc et al vs. Joseph Doumont et al; money.
QualChoice Inc vs. Clara Hart; money.
National City Home LN Services Inc vs. Lori Lomax et al; foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank NA as Trustee for certificateholders of EMC Mortgage Loan Trust 2005-A, Mortgage Loan Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2005-A, c/o EMC Mortgage Corp vs. Delores Y Nelson et al; foreclosure.
Discover Bank, issuer of the Discover Card, by its Servicing Agent Discover Financial Svcs Inc vs. Mohsen Shirriz; money.
Domestic Relations
Ray A Starr Sr vs. Beverly A Starr; dissolution of marriage and waiver.
Marriage applications
Mark D. Hostetler, 22, of 7247 Curtiss Middlefield Road., Middlefield, and Katie M. Byler, 23 of 7276 Curtiss Middlefield, Road., Middlefield.
Joseph P. Wilson, 24, of 1022 Paige Court, Newton Falls, and Stephanie M. Gwara, 23, of 2550 East River Road, Newton Falls.
Arthur R. Turney, 23, of 249 Woodland St., Newton Falls, and Stephanie M. Schroll, 24 of 325 Arlington Road, Newton Falls.
Donald K. Hummer, 48, of 5616 Youngstown-Warren Road., Niles, and Tracey L. Knauff, 41, of 2043 Feederle Road SE, Warren.
James L. Rader Jr., 18, of 12 Clarksville St., Greenville, Pa., and Mary Chris Moore, 19, of same address.
Bruce A. Mitrovich, 43, of 636 Grover Ave., Masury, and Mary Jean Coonce, 44, of same address.
Michael J. Harley, 43, of 323 Oak Knoll, Newton Falls, and Cindy L. Urbania, 35, of same address.
Donald J. Conti Jr., 37, of 7528 Bedford Road, Hubbard, and Ingrid L. Zerby, 43, ofsame address.
Tyler J. Aston, 22, of 493 Airport Road, Warren, and Roberta L. Dillon, 22, of 300 Center St., W Warren.
Joseph P. Consiglio II, 26, of 1562 Norwood Ave., Girard, and Alyse D. Prokup, 25, of 209 Nae Trail, Cortland.
Kevin T. Vadas, 24, of 745 Willard Ave., SE, Warren, and Heather L. Derkach, 24, of same address.
Edward T. Leamer, 25, of 734 Mauro Circle SE, Warren, and Rachel M. Hall, 30, of same address.
Eric S. Butcher, 29, of 2853 South Main St., Niles, and Lynette R. Sanders, 31, of same address.
Todd E. Kepner, 38, of 253 Lawrence NE,Warren, and Tammy L. Lewis, 42, of 1326 Maxwell NW, Warren.
Robert M. Johnston, 27, of 1310 Heaton Blvd., Niles, and Buffy A. Sayers, 34, of same address.
Dale L. Gregory, 39, of 350 Caroline, Hubbard, and Angela M. VanSuch, 23, of same address.
Craig A. Robinson, 23, of 496 Everett Hull Road.,Cortland, and Heather K. Young, 22, of 5338 Shanks Phalanx Road, Newton Falls.
Gregory A. Rezabek, 28, of 582 Laird Ave., NE, Warren, and Jocelyn C. Hart, 26, of same address.
Irvine W. Phillips Jr., 26, of 1134 Pearl St., Warren, and Jessica L. Cain, 27, of 139 Cherry St., Warren.
Timothy M. Clutter, 35, of 925 Youngstown-Warren Road., Niles, and Jennifer M. Nason, 29, of same address.
Sean J. F. Gardner, 31, of 440 Pennsylvania Ave., McDonald, and Sara E. Woods, 25, of same address.
Ali Mufleh Mufleh, 32 of 336 Goldie Road., Youngstown, and Maysalun Nabil Samad,25, of same address.
Paul T. McCabe, 47, of 26 Brentwood Blvd., Niles, and Francine M. Dawson, 45, of same address.
Ronald L. Potyonek Jr., 26, of 4467 Fairgreen, Warren, and Angela M. Fabian, 23, of 4560 Everett Hull Road., Cortland.
Russell W. Fisher Jr., 22, of 2221 Youngstown Road., Warren, and Amanda S. Walton,26, of 1364 Oak St., Warren.
Russell J. Cassity II, 29, of 164 Summerberry Lane., Niles, and Melinda R. Miranda, 30, of 1799 S. Raccoon Road., Austintown.
Joseph H. Oates, 50, of 1623 Harding Ave., Girard, and Driveeama K. Cohol, 50, of same address.
Timothy K. Payne, 42, of 8131 Fairhill Drive., NE,Warren, and Bonnie A. Robison, 41,of 473 Robinson Road., New Castle.
Sean B. McDonald, 34, of 265 Park Ave.,Cortland, and Angela K. Rantilla, 35, of same address.
Michael J. Byler, 25, of 639 Eldon Drive.,Warren, and Sarah G. Rolan, 21, of 4248 Kinsman Road., Mesopotamina.
Jason M. Haines, 26, of 403 Dearborn St., Girard, and Eugenia M. Swartz,25, of 3212 Schotten Road., Hubbard.
Stephen M. Ruckman, 25, of 1519 Parkman Road., NW, Warren, and Nicole A. Jarrett, 29, of same address.
Tony T. Reed, 35, of 1691 Dodge Drive., Warren, and Nuri L. Fambro, 33, of same address.
Kenneth L. Cumberledge Jr., 22, of 5606 Hoagland Blackstub Road., Cortland, and Autumn G. Vincent, 25, of same address.
David C. Williams, 47, of 1275 Atlantic NE,Warren, and Ruth E. Frajter, 41, of Broadview Hts, OH.
Chapter 7
Nikeesha M. Austin and George C. Austin Jr, 4039 Jefferson Ct, Youngstown, Liabilities $93,657.97. Assets $2,250.
Joseph V. Murray and Sherry L. Murray, 10907 Silica Road, North Jackson, Liabilities $48,529.58. Assets $45,174.
Jamesa M. Walker et al, and Curtis M. Walker, Youngstown, Liabilities $26,767.64. Assets $1,536.
Shaun P. Vaughan, 371 Myrtle Ave, Lake Milton, Liabilities $47,79.23. Assets $5,696.04.
Cheryl A. Gagliano, 24 Second St, Poland, Liabilities $151,370.44. Assets $117,938.19.
Richard Livesay, 124 Poland Ave, Struthers, Liabilities $196,586.73. Assets $170,980.
Frank Romandetti and Karen Romandetti, 463 Rockland Drive, Youngstown, Liabilities $188,904.59. Assets $155,765.
Marci S. Mumaw, 370 Fairview Ave, Canfield, Liabilities $96,156.41. Assets $650.
Willie Bryant et al, and Sharon Bryant et al, 1211 Victor Ave, Youngstown, Liabilities $216,901.65. Assets $10,054.00.
Robert J. Dickey and Patricia A. Dickey, 2748 Bainbrdge Ave, Youngstown, Liabilities $81,190.82. Assets $69,700.
Chapter 11
Medical Imaging Network Inc et al, 819 McKay Ct, Boardman, Liabilities $6,839,290.01. Assets $2,340,428.96.
Chapter 13
Faith A. Wallace, 99 Madison St, Campbell, Liabilities $85,816, Assets $60,468.
JoAnn K. Callaway, 936 Margaret St, Youngstown, Liabilities $47,071.28. Assets $27,211.
Real estate transfers
Arthur Uyselt Jr. et al to Brian Moor Sr. et al, Sabring, $51,000.
Mildred Boyer to James Morris et al, Youngstown, $64,364.
Frederick Pichrotino et al to Tamra Williams, Boardman Township, $160,000.
Patricia Bell et al to Barbara Moyer, Struthers, $45,750.
Myron Stallsmith to Rebecca Stickle, Campbell, $1,400.
Ruth kreps Rigo et al to Rosana Rubosky, Canfield, $135,365.
80-4 All Inc. et al Duane Gorgie, Youngstown, $74,000.
Arthur Mause et al to Sirva Relocation LLC, North Jackson, $146,500.
Sirva Relocation LLC to Rebecca Rutherford, North Jackson, $128,000.
Volpine Builders Inc. to Julius Kato et al, Poland, $381,396.
Ira Francis et al to David Chiclowe, Struthers, $53,500.
David Clark to Adrian Chavoya, Youngstown, $16,259.
Antoinette Soworsky et al to Jeffrey Gallimore, Boardman, $79,000.
Samuel Jordan to Christine Gardner, Youngstown, $49,900.
Ruth Callahan to Gary Vzarki et al, Boardman, $124,000.
C.T.W. Development Corporation to Loren Beck, et al, Canfield Township, $60,000.
Ruth Harchick to Ankle & amp; Foot Care Centers, Austintown Township, $174,388.
National City Bank Cleveland to Kevin Hershey, Youngstown, $22,000.
Catherine Millerleile to Angel Nieves et al, Youngstown, $64,000.

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