HELOISE Courtesy checks: identity thief's dream come true

Dear Heloise: In your column in the Hutchinson (Kan.) News, I read some good uses for return-address labels. All are probably true, and creative individuals will still find other uses for them.
However, there can be a downside to labels. These labels from charities are often created in an office far away by people we do not know. They arrive in our mail with a plea for a donation. But if these labels fall into the wrong hands, they can lend credibility to someone looking to steal our identity. I have asked these groups to stop sending them to me. I would rather not have them from those sources.
Another similar occurrence is receiving unsolicited credit-card applications in the mail with our names already printed on them. This, in my mind, also creates a step toward identity theft if we do not properly destroy them. I would suggest that we ask our legislators to make this procedure unlawful. Arturo, Hutchinson, Kan.
Arturo, you are so right! Those unsolicited credit-card offers are terrible, as are "unsolicited" courtesy checks from credit-card companies! Be sure to shred all credit-card offers so that no one has the chance to make off with them. Heloise
Dear Heloise: When I am going to use my hand mixer, I fill two glasses with cold water. After I am finished using the mixer, I put each blade in a glass of water and then pour the batter into the baking pan. When it comes to washing the blades, cleanup is very easy. Phyllis Weisberg, Pembroke Pines, Fla.
Dear Heloise: Recently while painting the den, I had to leave the house for a minor emergency. I wasn't sure how soon I would get back to the painting, but I did not have time to clean my brush and roller. So, I wrapped them each in a piece of sealable plastic wrap. When I got back later, the paint on the brush and roller was still fresh; I only had to unwrap them and start painting. It was wonderful. Carolyn in Indiana
Dear Heloise: In case my wallet was stolen or lost, I wanted to make sure I remembered what was in it. I laid the contents on the top of my printer and scanned a color copy of the contents on one page. Then I wrote the 800 number under each card so I had the contact numbers, if needed. I taped the page of info to the inside of my kitchen door above the kitchen phone. Naomi C. Foster, San Diego
Dear Heloise: When I receive a beautiful, full floral bouquet and want to set it against a wall, I remove all of the flowers from the "back side" and put them in other vases. This way, I can enjoy the flowers in several areas instead of just one. P.C. in Texas
Dear Heloise: To clean hummingbird feeders with small openings, a baby-bottle brush really does a good job. Jan Bonner, Universal City, Texas
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