Holistic technique detects what others can miss

Besides breast cancer, D.I.T.I. can find dental and digestive problems and a host of others.
Jeanne Wilson of Newton Falls learned about Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (D.I.T.I.) through a personal health issue.
She began bleeding from her nipples, so she went to her sister, Synthia Suzelis, owner of Health Advocate Services in Newton Falls and practitioner of electrodermal screening and homeopathics. Suzelis recommended her sister visit a clinic in Pittsburgh, at the time the nearest available D.I.T.I. Breast cancer was detected, and Wilson was determined to treat this as a "cold that she needed to get over."
She opted to use only holistic means for healing. Ted Suzelis, N.D., Synthia's son, put her on a fruit and vegetable diet, which included a lot of juicing, plus herbs and homeopathics, and through trips to Pittsburgh, was able to monitor her progress and eliminate the cancer. At one point, the cancer did come back, but Wilson said it was because she had begun eating carelessly, and is once again back on track and cancer-free.
"I was so impressed with this tool that could detect cancer at such an early stage," said Wilson. "I eventually went to a doctor for a mammogram and he could not detect the cancer. I did that to prove a point."
"Thermal Imaging can detect cancer at two cells," said Wilson. "Cancer cells double every 90 days. In five years, there are 1,048,576, still undetectable with a mammogram. In eight years, the number of cancer cells has doubled 32 times, 4,294,967,296 cells, finally detectable with a mammogram. And a mammogram often can't find cancer that is behind the breast. D.I.T.I can see the whole chest wall and cavity."
She and a friend, Tawni Pophal, became certified technicians recently, and now they practice together in Newton Falls and other places. Their company is called New Hope Imaging.
How it works
D.I.T.I. works by measuring the body's heat. A portable camera is used to photograph the problem areas in the body, then the images are sent to trained medical doctors who diagnose the problem. There are only about 15 to 17 holistic doctors qualified to read the images at this point, and a number of centers throughout the world where the images are received. The name of the company is MediTherm.
"Your body produces heat and has to release it," says Wilson. "Certain places in the body, such as armpits, the groin area and under the breasts, are warmer because those are places where the body is touching itself and heat is trapped. Otherwise there should be no more than one degree of difference in heat. When there is, or if an area is much cooler, that indicates something is going on."
Other applications
D.I.T.I. is a means to diagnose many other diseases besides breast cancer. It can find inflammation, vascular or muscular problems, digestive disorders, dental problems and TMJ, nerve damage, carpal tunnel, stroke screening, the source of headaches or pain in general. It can also be used to monitor therapy progress.
"People will come to me if they are having pain that a doctor cannot diagnose," said Wilson. "I had a woman who came here, whose one ankle was twice the size of the other. The doctors told her it was a sprain or spurs, and were giving her cortisone. Nothing showed up different between the two ankles until I photographed the bottom of the foot. Because she was on her feet all day, the bone in the middle of the foot had dropped. She went to a chiropractor and had it adjusted, and now wears an arch support. The swelling and pain has gone away."
Wilson said the technique found lung cancer in one male client. "He is now working with homeopathics and electrodermal screening. Another man had his carotid arteries photographed and found that he had blockage in his neck. He is going for chelation therapy."
And most men would not consider the possibility that men can and do get breast cancer. This diagnostic tool aims to find it before it becomes life threatening.
"D.I.T.I is completely painless and noninvasive," said Wilson. "There is no contact with the body, and no radiation, as with X-rays. And it is FDA-approved."
There are a few things that D.I.T.I can't diagnose. "We can't screen for prostate cancer or any diseases of the vagina," said Wilson. Those areas are too interior, and also the temperature there is usually much higher.
Wilson also said the company is helpful with its technicians. "If they receive a photo scan that is not done exactly right, someone will show up at your door and work with you until you do get it right," she said. "They won't let you fail."
XLaughing Crow is a practitioner of holistic healing. She may be reached at laughingcrow@neo.rr.com.

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