EVIDENCE BTK serial killer planned more murders, police say

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) -- The serial killer who terrorized Wichita for 31 years, naming himself BTK for "bind, torture, kill" and taunting investigators, wasn't done when authorities finally tracked him down, police say.
"He'll tell you he never, ever stopped looking," police detective Tim Relph said Friday as authorities described how the city's most notorious killer operated and how his own arrogance caught up with him.
It wasn't long after his Feb. 25 arrest that Dennis Rader told investigators "I'm BTK," police Lt. Ken Landwehr said. In fact, he said, Rader kept giving details of the killings until defense attorneys intervened.
When he pleaded guilty June 27, Rader gave a chilling, emotionless narrative of how he tortured, strangled, stabbed and shot his 10 victims from 1974 to 1991.
Rader told the court that he had selected an 11th victim. And he has said he had numerous "projects," or women he planned to kill, Landwehr said.
Investigators don't know how close he was to killing again, but Landwehr said they have talked to the potential victims.
All asked to remain anonymous.
Rader wasn't an obvious suspect -- a married father of two, a one-time church council leader and a Park City compliance officer who handled suburban code violations and stray dogs.
However, he had secret sexual fantasies, he told the court, and a "dark side" he couldn't control.

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