Motorsports at fairgrounds

Motorsports at fairgrounds
CANFIELD -- The Mahoning Valley Motorsports Spectacular will be at the Canfield Fairgrounds at 7:30 p.m. July 22 and 2 and 7 p.m. July 23, featuring two life-size transformers. The fire-breathing Draco the Dragonator, a 35-feet-tall, 42,000-pound modified excavator that crushes cars, and Transtormer, a 28,000-pound mechanical robot that transforms from a space ship to a space cop, will be shown.
Several "stars" will appear: G-Force, a jet-propelled monster truck; monster truck Lil Miss Dangerous, driven by the country's leading female monster truck driver; Goliath; Bearfoot and Monster Patrol.
Quad wars also will take place for four-wheel all-terrain vehicles.
Advance tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for children and are available at Center Stage Grille in Niles, the Canfield Fairgrounds or at On show day, adult tickets are $14 and children's tickets $10.
Adult pit passes are $25 and children's pit passes are $15. Each includes one admission to the show, preferred seating, and a free monster truck photograph. Pit parties will begin two hours before the show.
For more information, call (330) 392-6527.
Bluff dust
Mother always knows best. And that's why you not only applied sunscreen, but remembered to re-apply like Mom reminded you, right? Ummm, not so much. You were too caught up in that game of volleyball or splashing in the surf to even think about that.
Well now that you've got that lovely lobster look what can you do to make yourself presentable? Pick up Benefit's Bluff Dust and you're sure to stop glowing like an out-of-season Rudolph.
The secret to the Dust comes in its yellow tone, which helps neutralize redness and even out skin color. The powder is super silky and lightly covers your skin -- perfect for post-sun days when your skin is at its most sensitive. It comes with a plush, cotton pad for application, which quite soothing. Also available is a concealing cream wand, called You're Bluffing ($20), and a Bluff Puff ($20), made with super soft natural bristles, which works as a perfect accessory for any powder. Get Bluff Dust ($22) from
"I think the slower and more romantic and safely you go, the better. Also, if you like somebody, it's safe to express it. There's nothing wrong with taking that risk." -- Actress Drew Barrymore, on her dating advice to teens, in Teen People.
"My mom wouldn't let me go to the Alanis Morissette concert 'cause her CD had the f-word on it. I was so angry I cursed and my mom washed my mouth out with soap!" -- Ashlee Simpson, on getting in trouble while growing up, in M magazine
"I'd love to just stay at home and cook a meal together." -- JC Chasez, on his dream date, in M magazine
Quick cards
There is nothing like staying up way past your bedtime playing a slightly (just slightly, really!) addicting card game. The best games are those that have quick rounds and involve a little bit of strategy and a little bit of luck. Ruckus is just one of those games.
It's simple enough to learn: Read through the instructions once and play a practice round and you're good to go. The deck consists of six cards each of 12 random images (think computer icons) like "Monkey in a Bottle," "Around the Block" and "Solar Power." One thing you absolutely must have on hand is a pen and paper since you work toward a point total for the win, and each game only earns you single or low double-digit addition to that total.
To play, the dealer shuffles and gives each player seven cards, face down. Once everyone picks up their cards, the game is on. And we mean that - everyone plays at once. First you put down matches. If you have a match, it must be put down. But hang on to those singles. You can use these to steal other people's matches by placing it on top of their match pile and moving it over to your stash. After everyone has completed their moves for the moment, the dealer hands out an additional card to all players, face down. This continues until one player plays their second-to-last card, puts their last card in the middle (face down) and says "Out." If you have cards left in your hand, that total is subtracted from what you have in matches.

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