Real estate transfers
Roger Snyder et al to Robert Partlow, Sebring, $90,500.
Steven Ferguson et al to Roy Steed et al, Sebring, $93,000.
Old Canal Financial to David Clark, Youngstown, $20,000.
Virginia Infante to Irene Graf et al, Boardman, $116,000.
Bernard Kurant to Albert Trolio et al, Boardman, $493,500.
Mohammad Nasir et al to Patrick Wetzel et al, Boardman, $90,000.
Twin Oaks Condominium Developers to David Davis et al, Canfield, $229,569.
Richard Schneider Sr. to Harry Perdue Jr. et al, Austintown, $90,000.
Michael Palmer to Reduka Realty LLC, Youngstown, $170,000.
Mark Len et al to Sean Timms, Struthers, $36,000.
Anne Kaffel to Jamie Palumbo, Campbell, $47,000.
Kathleen Brickman to Kristin George, Poland, $86,000.
Paul Peterson to Holly Jacobs et al, Salem, $225,000.
Lawrence Fiedler Jr. to Dorothy Brown, Youngstown, $55,000.
305 Elm Corp to Mohammad Fard et al, Youngstown, $9,640.
Cheryl Ann Neeley to Anthony Mooreland, Youngstown, $46,000.
Mark Asher et al to Brian Kiser, Youngstown, $104,000.
Mary Lou Perzel to Mary Brainard, Austintown, $73,000.
David Risa et al to Jose Lepe et al, Youngstown, $52,000.
Luis Mercado to Sonia Gonzalez, Youngstown, $6,000.
Joseph Rigelski et al to David Frisbie et al, Canfield, $320,000.
D.J. Builders Inc. to Keith Baglama et al, Youngstown, $175,000.
Thomas O'Brien to Communications Workers, Canfield, $190,500.
Mils Johnson Jr. to Jalcon Corp., Youngstown, $155,000.
Walter Miller et al to Kenneth Morrow, Boardman, $82,900.
Theresa Savka to Deborah Fitzgerald, New Middletown, $58,000.
Clarke Close et al to Aaron Bradley et al, Green Township, $45,000.
Barry Morgan et al to Robert Scavuzzo et al, Canfield, $287,000.
Mark Bartol to Tosha McGee, Youngstown, $75,000.
JP Morgan Chase Bank to Christopher Rappach, Youngstown, $69,000.
Daniel McKenzie to Julio Perez, Austintown, $32,500.
McQuaid Distributing and Marketing Inc. to Peterson Park Inc, Poland, $65,000.
Suzanne Kachurek to William Williams et al, New Springfield, $89,200.
Michael Sharpe et al to Michael Boccia et al, Poland, $535,000.
Michael Boccia et al to Michael Sharpe et al, Poland, $160,000.
Harold Frazier to Victoria Benyo, Austintown, $143,900.
Mary Weldele to Brett Hendricks et al, Austintown, $300,000.
Jeffrey Houston to Frank Peachock, Youngstown, $102,500.
Pat Trell to Nicholas Moga II, Youngstown, $96,900.
Ray Starr Jr. et al to Dorothy Schwebel, Canfield, $417,500.
Rosemary Jones to Richard Judy Sr., Youngstown, $142,000.
JP Morgan Chase Bank to Lloyd Burt III et al, Beloit, $30,440.
Edwin Muccillo et al to Erin Harvey, Youngstown, $245,000.
Susan Holloway et al to Robert Downs et al, Youngstown, $126,900.
Calvin Pannunzio et al to Joan Kovach et al, Canfield, $380,900.
Neil Kennedy to Burdell Hestrick, Austintown, $102,000.
Jeffrey Quinn to David Quinn et al, Youngstown, $129,000.
Emmett Warren Jr. to Thomas Tubbs, Youngstown, $56,000.
Kathleen Suvecchia to Richard Derrino, Youngstown, $31,250.
Diana Leone to Dennis Owens, Youngstown, $112,000.
Dennis Mikkelsen to Dennis Kosternik, Poland, $126,000.
David Clark to Jack Waldon et al, Youngstown, $10,900.
Steven Rothwell to Household Realty Corp., Youngstown, $33,212.
Barry Finley to Alan Hardy, Youngstown, $65,000.
Roger Slater et al to Donald Mannie et al, Springfield, $75,000.
Randy Walter to Patricia Surridae et al, Canfield, $235,092.
Betty Percic to Thomas Rober et al, Youngstown, $146,500.
Charlene Page to Alan Hardy, Youngstown, $56,000.
Barry Finlay to Alan Hardy, Youngstown, $65,000.
Betty Collins to Daniel Carbone et al, Poland, $120,000.
Barry Finley to Alan Hardy, Youngstown, $58,000.
Helen Gorosocs to Crim Real Estate Inv., Youngstown, $12,500.
Eva Gorosocs to Crim Real Estate Inv., Youngstown, $13,000.
Chad Harlan et al to Samuel Martig et al, Sebring, $202,000.
M.L.D. Development to Babe Petrolla, Canfield, $74,500.
Beal Bank to David Clark, Youngstown, $10,000.
Joan McCullough et al to Evelyn Terlecki, Austintown, $71,500.
Danile Jaric et al to Lafarge North America Inc., Petersburg, $195,000.
Bradley Lewis et al to Sirva Relocation LLC, Canfield, $302,500.
Sirva Relocation LLC to Gunapala Edirisooriya et al, Canfield, $293,000.
Julia Virgalitte to John Bittman Jr. et al, Boardman, $112,000.
Ida Urchek to Joseph Nichols et al, Lake Milton, $2,500.
Fred Hartenstein to John Nock, Youngstown, $112,000.
Eloise Burnell to Santos Rivera, Youngstown, $15,000.
Robert Taylor et al to Jim Moore Jr., Youngstown, $40,000.
George Farrow et al to David Murdoch et al, Poland, $170,500.
Louise Buchman et al Virginia Infante, Youngstown, $126,500.
Robert Finamore et al to Joseph Bishara, Youngstown, $218,920.64.
John Thomas to Mateo Ali, Canfield, $150,000.
Brian Cross et al to Matthew Gain et al, Boardman, $153,000.
Theresa Mohamed to Otoniel Ortiz, Youngstown, $4,000.
Herons Landing LLC to Dietes Home Construction Inc., Austintown, $37,850.
James Berry et al to Alfred Graziandi, Springfield, $10,000.
Dieter Home Construction to Daniel Mook et al, Austintown, $272,021.
James Berry et al to Wilbur Gordon et al, Springfield, $4,000.
Daniel Mook et al to Ronald Lewis et al, Youngstown, $102,500.
Joe Koch Construction to Brian Harakal, New Middletown, $176,500.
Raymond Slivochka et al to Eric Wrask, Austintown, $145,500.
Demartin Family L.P. to Colonial Apartment Investments, Canfield, $310,000.
Ted Bair et al to Jeffrey Phillips et al, Poland, $320,000.
GRP/AG REO 2004-2 LLC to JLHC Inc, Youngstown, $12,000.
Richard Markel to Michael Markel, North Jackson, $50,000.
Robin Clark to Thomas Stanko, Struthers, $80,000.

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