1st--Exit Card (Ccamaque)6.803.803.60
Dancinwiththunder (Walker)14.205.00
Prince Paster (Whitney)3.40
Unplaced horses listed in order of finish.
Also ran: Number One Hammer, Stormin Tony, Bumkin McGruder, Saintly Corp., Me Gusta Bailar, Elite Brother and Cash Return.
Perfecta (5-8) paid $185.80.
Trifecta (5-8-2) paid $786.20.
2nd--Porfirio Cadena (Brinkl.)
Five Star Awar (Nguyen)3.003.00
Airborne Shuttle (Stokes)6.40
Also ran: Smiling Lord, Penthium, Candler, Tipyourbuddy, Viasec Son, Aphonic and Foreign Image.
Daily Double (5-8) paid $35.20. Daily Double Pool $20,165.
Perfecta (8-10) paid $34.40. Trifecta (8-10-5) paid $324.
3rd--Kel Kel (Parker)10.806.003.20
Saharan Sunris (Marcial)11.804.80
Morty's Legacy (Ramgeet)2.40
Scratched: Brevard and Okay Renee.
Also ran: Adella, L L Prospect, Aneat Amaani, Forest Wild Flower and Twelve Bells.
Perfecta (9-5) paid $82.60.
Trifecta (9-5-2) paid $221.
4th--Joma (Stokes)4.803.202.40
Elder Statesman (Walker)3.803.00
Bama Roya (Pereira)2.80
Scratched: Roman Leader.
Also ran: Hyper Harry, Hundred to One, Ruskin Drive, Win N Grin, Oddy Oddy All Day and Wild August.
Perfecta (7-10) paid $21.
Trifecta (7-10-1) paid $68.40.
5th--Play It Softly (Ramgeet)21.6012.408.80
Forest Hunte (Parker)9.606.20
Flavour Flavour (Stokes)3.40
Scratched: Mystique Monster.
Also ran: Leestown Boy, Puledro, Cool Criminal, Round Tree, Mr. Spiderman and Mauktoberfest.
Perfecta (6-9) paid $206.60.
Superfecta (6-9-4-2) paid $9,885.
Trifecta (6-9-4) paid $1,143.80
Pick 3 (9-7-6) 3 Correct paid $747.60. Pick 3 Pool $16,448.
6th--General Tee (Barria)16.805.803.20
Real Collateral (Pereira)3.002.20
Away to Heaven (Vargas)2.60
Also ran: Maria's Malo, Dancin On Stage, Testaverde and Hourtimetocashin.
Perfecta (5-4) paid $52.60.
Trifecta (5-4-6) paid $98.20.
7th--Adriatic Se (Pereira)4.402.802.40
Wildaboutaunt (Parker)4.602.80
Trade Beads (Whitney)2.40
Also ran: Brite Lassie, Sister Suzie Slew, Petite Mermaid, My Lady Cruella, Speck of Peace and Ciccy's Star.
Perfecta (2-1) paid $17.60.
Trifecta (2-1-4) paid $40.60.
8th--Silky Chanteus (Whitney)3.402.402.40Poetry in Motion (Stokes)3.002.80
Rodeo Girl (Stokes)5.60
Also ran: Truely Tricky, You Heard Me Cart, Janet's Halftime, Quiet Mist, Louis the Striker, Wagon Ride and Out Right Brandy.
Perfecta (5-6) paid $15.60.
Trifecta (5-6-8) paid $134.20.
Pick 3 (5-2-5) 3 Correct paid $130.80. Pick 3 Pool $22,352.
9th--Here's Louie (Murphy)25.809.005.80
He's a Warrio (Brinkley)6.804.20
Sinful Tactics (Parker)3.20
Finish Time: 1:04.79.
Scratched: Croc.
Also ran: Bully for You, Bionic Brine, The Prodigal Son and Freeholder.
Perfecta (8-4) paid $201.
Trifecta (8-4-6) paid $779.80.
10th--Stoic Endeavour 11.406.204.20
Just Spoof N (Marcial)4.603.60
Jaclin (Rivera)7.40
Also ran: Vinnie Babe, Battlements, Genuine Ruler, Savoy's Prince, Landry, Plant the Seed and County Cat.
Perfecta (8-1) paid $60.20.
Superfecta (8-1-2-4) paid $3,404.60.
Daily Double (8-8) paid $214.40. Daily Double Pool $24,757.
Trifecta (8-1-2) paid $412.80.
Attendance: 4,177. Mutuel Pool: $53,511.

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