Is Glick set to click as new Couric?

Talk about a hot investment.
Alexis Glick, who three years ago was managing more than 200 floor traders at the New York Stock Exchange, is being mentioned as a possible successor to "Today" co-anchor Katie Couric.
Since crossing over from CNBC to NBC's "Today" as a correspondent a year ago, Glick is getting increasing face time. She's seen almost daily in the 9-to-10 a.m. segment.
Couric, 48, has been "Today's" co-anchor since April '91. Her estimated $12-million-a-year contract is up in May. Glick, 32, and, like Couric, a mother of two, is a far less costly TV newbie.
Do the math.
"Nonsense," new "Today" boss Jim Bell says. "It's summer. People are taking time off. Alexis is getting experience in the 9 o'clock hour -- a place we really want to use to build our bench."
Smoothie Natalie Morales, an MSNBC anchor since '02, appears frequently in "Today's" first two hours and sometimes sits in for Couric. (Glick hasn't subbed for Couric yet.)
The boys' side of the bench includes MSNBC's Lester Holt, weekend "Today" co-anchor, and David Gregory, NBC's chief White House correspondent and a weekend fill-in for Holt. There could be more, Bell says.
Before joining CNBC in April '03 as senior trading correspondent for its popular weekday morning show "Squawk Box," Glick was a rising star on Wall Street.
At Morgan Stanley, she became the first woman to manage the stock-exchange floor operation of a heavyweight Wall Street firm.

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