HUBBARD CITY COUNCIL Water-weary residents take concerns to meeting

The city will use a new camera to inspect the water pipes for damage.
HUBBARD -- A group of Hubbard residents plagued with water in their yards after heavy rainfall took their concerns to Tuesday's city council meeting.
Roger Leckfor of 603 Meadowland Drive told council members, "The water has nowhere to go, and makes it difficult for cars to make their way onto Meadowland. Some even end up getting stuck and/or towed."
City Safety Director Al Parker said he was notified of Leckfor's problem Thursday after that day's heavy downpour flooded portions of Meadowland.
"We plan on investigating the problem," said Parker.
lan George, a 20-year resident of 604 Meadowland, said he has had frequent problems with flooding in that time.
"But the water has only made it to my fence [before]," he said. "Now the water is coming into my basement."
Residents say they think the problem has escalated over the years because of the nearby Creekside development.
Leckfor and George also said that the sewer system may have a flaw or crack in it, which could also be the cause of the standing water.
New camera
Parker said the city will inspect the pipes with a new camera system it recently bought to allow those above ground to get a view into the pipes.
"The camera will determine if there are roots, garbage, slag or if the pipe is cracked," Parker said.
Parker said plans to visit the neighborhood had already been scheduled for next week before the residents decided to take the problem to council.
In the next few weeks, the city will be paving and adding new curbs to 50 streets.
"I don't want to see the city put the cart before the horse and pave all the streets, only to tear them up to fix our water problem," Leckfor said.

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