Speak no evil of president

Speak no evil of president
The June 29 letter, "Time for impeachment," is the tirade of an angry person who is blinded by hate.
Iraq is not a "Godforsaken country," but rather has a million Christians living there. The Iraqi people are human and deserve freedom just as we have here.
No one is making anyone go to Iraq and fight. It is a volunteer army and not a draft army as there was in Vietnam.
America has plenty of other skeletons in its closet. Killing Indians and stealing their land and enslaving blacks for 400 years. Allowing disgusting pornography and the murder of unborn children.
The writer calls Bush "stupid," but he had nothing to do with these catastrophes. Clinton not only was immoral, but a bald faced liar as well.
Bush never murdered anyone and isn't responsible for religious fanatics who will kill themselves in order to kill innocent people.
People should pray for our president and government instead of speaking evil of its ruler of our people.
The Scripture tells us that God said if his people would pray and confess their sins, that he would hear from heaven and heal their land.
So people should stop complaining and start living for God so he might have mercy on American once again.
All lies aren't equal
A few years ago, President Bill Clinton was threatened with impeachment by the very politicians who are in power right now, accused of lying about having sex with "that woman." The Republicans gnawed on this like a dog on a bone.
Yet George W. Bush has lied to us from day one about his reasons for invading Iraq. It was either oil or to avenge his daddy. No one seems to care about these lies. The so-called Downing Street memo dated July 21, 2002, is proof that the invasion was a premeditated act of aggression. It's a shame that this revelation didn't come to light before the last election. Maybe if the election had gone in another direction, we wouldn't have close to 2,000 dead and over 12,000 wounded or maimed young people.
Let's see, "WMD" or "I didn't have sex with that woman" -- which is the biggest lie? Years ago, the actions of the party that is in control now would have caused a march or massive demonstration in our nation's capitol. What is the matter with us? Don't we care anymore? Are we so wrapped up in ourselves that we continue to ignore the obvious? Are we to take anything that is served to us by media reporters? In my humble opinion, Richard Nixon was a saint compared to George Bush.
Recently your paper reported that G.W. might try to make an "end run" during the summer recess to get his man Bolton appointed ambassador to the United Nations. This is another prime example of Mr. Bush's thinking. He doesn't care what the rules are. If they don't suit him, he tries to change them, including the Constitution that has served us very well these many years.
If the armed services are so intent on new recruits that they are spending millions or billions on recruiting, then how come George's daughters don't enlist? They both are out of school. They can follow in daddy's footsteps and with a little luck start their own private war 30 years from now. After all, in 30 years we'll still be paying for this one.
I have another idea. Maybe he can resign and then fulfill his obligation to the National Guard that he shirked years ago.