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Dear Heloise: Can't ID old photos? Here are a couple of things to think about:
Ask relatives individually, or arrange a family gathering/reunion. There is always the chance that a relative has a copy of the same photo and it might be marked with the names, or the relative might know who the person was. However, a word of warning: It is unwise to take "handed down" verbal answers as positive ID. People make mistakes.
There are many sites on the Internet where photos can be posted for viewing. A lot of people look at these sites. One of them might be able to identify someone in the photos.
If the photos are actually portraits, it is quite likely that there were copies given to relatives or friends. Elizabeth, via e-mail
Elizabeth, thanks for the suggestions. Again, it is so important to label pictures so that future generations will know who the people in them are. Be sure to use pens made specifically for photos, because regular pens could ruin the photos. Heloise
Dear Heloise: I sew a lot, using different sizes of needles. When I put a needle in the sewing machine, I put the package it came in on top of the stack, then secure it with an elastic band. The next time I sew, I glance at the top package to see which weight needle is in the machine. Saves me time, and I no longer have to check the needle itself. S.M. of Virginia
Dear Heloise: A warning regarding spraying pans/racks for baking: I was holding up a rack for spraying, not realizing that as I was spraying, some of it was falling on the floor, making the kitchen floor very slippery. I walked across the kitchen, slipped and fell. When spraying, hold the pan/rack over the sink to prevent similar accidents.
Also, I get eyedrops through the mail, and they come in two cartons taped together. When I open the first box, I tear off the top flap, and at a glance I can see how much is left. When I open the second box, I move the empty box to the phone to remind me to order a new supply. March in Washington, D.C.
Sound off
A reader wrote in that instead of giving gifts to a couple who has everything, donate money/items/time to charities in the couple's name. I do support many charities, but I take issue at doing it in someone else's name.
I took this stand because a family member made donations in our name to organizations that person liked. Along with receiving unwanted mail now that I was on their mailing lists, I do not support nor will ever support one particular organization. More importantly, I feel that when people donate items, money or time to an organization, it should be for the gain of the organization, not for the recognition of the giver. An Ohio reader
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