Weekly quiz answers:
Q. As South, vulnerable, you hold:
x-A K 9 5 3 u-A 10 4 v-K 9 w-K 9 7
The bidding has proceeded:
1w Pass 1u ?
What action do you take?
A. Had you been in the immediate seat, you would have been too strong for a simple overcall of one spade. Here, however, you are sandwiched between two bidding opponents and your partner is marked with very little. Your best chance to buy the hand is in spades, so simply overcall one spade.
Q. East-West vulnerable, as South you hold:
x-10 4 u-K Q 7 4 2 v-K 8 5 w-Q 4 3
Partner opens the bidding with one spade. What do you respond?
A. If you do not play that a one-no-trump response is a game force, this hand is borderline. However, it is flawed by the fact that you have only two cards in the suit partner has bid, so we would take the conservative course and respond one no trump. Of course, if you play that forcing, you have no problem.
Q. Neither vulnerable, as South you hold:
x-A K J 8 6 u-9 4 2 v-10 w-K J 9 6
The bidding has proceeded:
1u Pass 1x Pass
2v Pass ?
What do you bid now?
A. Assuming you play five-card majors, you cannot bid three clubs; that shows a stronger hand with slam aspirations. Jump to four hearts (three hearts would be invitational). If not, you must choose between two and three no trump. Your prime cards and fit for partner's first suit, would swing us in favor of three no trump.
Q. Neither vulnerable, you hold:
x-K 4 u-A K J 4 v-K J 9 7 6 w-Q J
Your right-hand opponent opens the bidding with one spade. What action do you take?
A. Obviously, your choices lie between one no trump and a takeout double. With only a single stopper in the enemy suit, a good holding in the unbid major and no real stopper in clubs, our choice is easy -- double.
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