Trumbull County

Marriage licenses
Ryan C. Mansfield, 25, of 3244 Deer Trail B., Cortland, and Candace M. Baker, 22, of 1267 Brookside Road N.W., Leavittsburg.
Frank A. Nannicola II, 31, of 8607 Kimblewick Lane, Warren, and Alexander M. Semon, 30, same address.
Dale R. Wilson,37, of 949 Mason St., Warren, and Paulette N. Daniels, 30, same address.
Leroy Washington, 61, of 2508 Hamilton St.,Warren, and Karen D. Miller, 51, of1526 Hazelwood Ave., Warren.
John Miklos Jr., 34, of 3394 St. Rt. 5,Cortland, and Ashley M. Dunbar, 19, same address.
Brent M. Carpenter, 30, of 135 Topaz Trail, Cortland, and Sarah L. Hite,28, same address.
Stephen D. Reynolds, 56, of 3191 C. Woodland Trail,Cortland, and Mary Ann Modak, 44, of 423 Center St., Hubbard.
Christopher W. Carpenter, 24, of 1613 Robbins Ave., Apt. 66, Niles, and Alyssa M. Griffin, 20, same address.Joshua A. DiBell, 27, of 607 Ridge Road, Apt. 301, Newton Falls, and Carla S. Helt, 28, same address.Craig J. Sutch,26, of 294 Fonderlac Dr., Warren, and Jennifer A. Setting, 26, of 1449 White Oak Drive, Warren.
Kevin R. Haynie, 31, of 177 Kenmore NE,Warren, and Abbie L. Kushma, 24, of 2918 Beaver Trail, Cortland.
Zachery J. Bell, 23, of 1645 Hiram St., Apt. 4,Niles, and Maria L. McClimans, 21, same address.
Joseph M. Click, 30, of 495 S. Leavitt Road, Leavittsburg, and Carla Thompson, 35, of 1581 Huffman Dr. S.W., Warren.
Larry G. Booher, 62, of 44 Blossom Lane, Warren, and Elise K. Smith, 43, same address.
Travis O. Hochstetler, 33, of 4300 Greenville Road,W. Farmington, and April L. Brooks, 42, of 6451 Yoder Ave., Kinsman.
Kristopher W. Hodge, 26, of 516 Willard Ave., Warren, and Kaitlin A. Day, 24, same address.
Jeffrey P. Ponevec, 35, of 125 Holford Ave., Niles, and Amanda S. Allen, 32, of 6325 Oak Hill Drive, West Farmington.
Adam I. Lewis, 22, of 2332 Hyde Shaffer Road, Bristolville, and Sarah R. Brugler, 22, of 6407 St. Rt. 45, Bristolville.
Walter M. Hughes, 30, of 7 Scott Lane, Girard, and Lyndsay M. Draves, 22, same address.
Jeffrey T. Barry II, 26, of6977 St. Rt. 88, Kinsman, and Amber L. Kerr,18, same address.
Mark J. Davis, 27, of 3500 Cardinal Dr., Lordstown, and Tania M. Newell, 25, same address.
Harley E. Tibbs, 25, of 472 Iowa Ave. N.W., Warren, and Gina M. Valeriani,22, of 847 South St., Niles.
Stephen M. Cox,20, of 5459 Wallen Sharon Road, Vienna, and Shelly R. Houser, 19, of8809 State St.,Kinsman.
Kristopher J. Hartman, 29, of 1169 Central Pkwy, Warren, and Jennifer L. Scott, 20, same address.
Timothy J. Sexton, 34, of 1381 State Rd. N.W., Warren, and Connie A. Martinec, 34, of 611 Housel Craft Road, Cortland.
Kendreck M. Jenkins, 25, of 1515 Park Dr.,Hermitage, and Natalie D. Davis, 28, of 8107 Addison Ave., Masury.
Brent A. Styers, 35, of 582 Greenville Road, Bristolville, and Judy L. Sly, 34, same address.
Gregory A. Padach, 45, of 808 Mansell Dr., Youngstown, and Andrea Squeglia, 42, of 218 Euclid Blvd., Youngstown.
Thomas D. Sohngen, 34, of 1001 Olive St., Niles, and Rebecca J. Dukes, 21,same address.
William L. Fiedler, 27, of 6447 Forward Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., and Nikole Bournias, 28, same address.
New cases
Joan E. Sattler vs. Forum Health et al; notice of appeal and jury demand.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. vs. Lori J. Lomax et al; foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank et al vs. Floyd Cromwell et al; foreclosure.
Vincent J. Petrella vs. A.P. O'Horo Company et al; notice of appeal.
Everhome Mortgage Company et al vs. Robert P. Dillon et al; foreclosure.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. et al vs. Lori J. Lomax et al; foreclosure.
Standard Federal Bank FSB et al vs. Bryan E. Davis et al; foreclosure.
Charles L. Shreve vs. Raymond Warren; stalking.
GMAC Mortgage Corp vs. Craig J. Schumancher et al; foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank FA et al vs. Gina M. Cashbaugh et al; foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank PA et al vs. Ernest E. Colmon et al; foreclosure.
Centex Home Equity Company LLC et al vs. Curtis L. Washington et al; foreclosure.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. et al vs. Timothy Drummond et al; foreclosure.
Venetta M. Jones vs. Scott Burin; stalking.
The Home Savings & amp; Loan Co of Youngstown vs. Mark De Main et al; foreclosure.
Guthrie S. Gordon vs. Forum Health et al; notice of appeal.
Daniel P. Walkinshaw vs. Tracy J. Sincel et al; money.
Mary Ann Ohl vs. Fourm Health et al; notice of appeal.
Charter One Bank NA vs. Danielle L. Bunker; money.
Citibank (South Dakota) NA vs. Hope Melnik et al; money.
Joyce E. Lopez et al vs. Amanda L. Lane et al; money.
State of Ohio et al vs. Ohio Energy Company et al; money.
Carl Nizen vs. Tina Kielmeyer et al; notice of appeal and jury demand.
Dominic Boano vs. Tina Kielmeyer et al; notice of appeal and jury demand.
Domestic relations
Richard L. Folk vs. Brenda D. Folk; divorce and mutual restraining order.
Ahmad Abualnil vs. Belinda Abualnil (Maiden): SER; divorce and mutual restraining order.
Lesley Ann McBurney and Eric Christopher McBurney; dissolution of marriage and waiver.
Real estate transfers
Robert Cooper et al to Keith Elliot, Sebring, $125,000.
Rodger Sharp et al to Matthew Boddy et al, Beloit, $183,000.
Constance LaRue to Jon Burket et al, Poland, $55,000.
Angelilli Builders Inc. to Theresa Lukanec, Springfield, $163,923.
Jordan Yacovone et al to Curtis Nickerson Jr., Canfield, $169,250.
Adele Montaro to Amanda Guy, Youngstown, $58,600.
Timothy Bailey et al to Shari Caggiano, Youngstown, $55,000.
George Cole to Patricia Howells, Boardman, $40,000.
Bertelli Homes Inc. to Rafael Molina Jr. et al, Mineral Ridge, $145,690.
Florence Rizer to Kevin Hershey et al, Youngstown, $30,000.
Carl McGuire et al to KDK Alliance Homes LTD, Beloit, $28,000.
Andrew Gnip et al to Robert McDonough et al, Campbell, $77,000.
John Reese et al to William Schaffer et al, Boardman, $149,000.
Household Realty Corp. to Lifeworks Management Group LLC, Youngstown, $8,000.
Joseph Shoemaker to Lays Enterprises Inc., Youngstown, $12,000.
Robert Gentile et al to Melissa Marcucci, Struthers, $83,000.
Evergreen Land Development LLC to Steven Blakeman et al, North Lima, $395,000.
Jotobo Real Estate to BMK Properties Inc., Canfield, $325,000.
Jane C. Theil to Daichendt Family Revocable Trust, Poland, $70,100.
Edward Jennings et al to Prudential Relocation Inc., Austintown, $132,500.
Prudential Relocation Inc. to Barbara Ann Miller, Austintown, $132,500.
Mark Swantek et al to Cendant Mortgage Corp., Youngstown, $22,600.
Robert Shortman et al to Mary Kopp et al, Poland, $37,000.
Richard Parise to Robert Osborne et al, Campbell, $500.
Lori Hoskin to Wells Fargo Bank, Youngstown, $32,000.
Habitat for Humanity of Mahoning County to Michelle Acosta et al, Struthers, $48,000.
Habitat for Humanity of Mahoning County to Cynthia Wellman, Struthers, $48,000.
Chapter 7
Randall Eicher and Georgia Eicher, 1809 Midland Ave., Youngstown 44509, (He: unemployed. She: insurance agent, Liberty Mutual Insurance). Liabilities $70,052.15. Assets $31,366.
Jill Kerekes, 5989 Northlawn, Youngstown 44512, (secretary, Penn Sales). Liabilities $41,831.96. Assets $11,570.
Kandice Aikens, 7544 Market St., Apt. 120, Youngstown 44512, (sales, Kohls Department Stores Inc.). Liabilities $27,418.25. Assets $6,903.
David Gerald Yohman, 3817 Baymar Dr., Youngstown 44511, (n/a). Liabilities $100,702. Assets $86,630.
Edward Leon Ewing and Sally Ewing, 502 Catalina Ave., Youngstown 44504, (He: unemployed. She: environmental associate, Humility of Mary Health Partners). Liabilities $72,491.37. Assets $58,065.
Frank A. Brown and Donna M. Brown, 38 Seventh St., Campbell 44405, (He: environmental services, St Elizabeth Hospital. She: emergency registration, St Elizabeth Hospital). Liabilities $66,854.14. Assets $30,005.
Gabriel M. Clinkscale Sr., 334 Falls Ave., Youngstown 44502, (supervisor, USPS). Liabilities $102,093.74. Assets $23,150.
Booker T. Newberry and Willina M. Newberry, 1875 Woodlawn Ave., Poland 44514, (He: car salesman, Preston Management Inc. She: prevention educator, Youngstown Urban Minority Out Reach). Liabilities $101,130.66. Assets $44,675.
Lilliam R. Gonzalez and Gerineldo Gonzalez, 82 Regent St., Campbell 44405, (He: charge nurse, Camelot Arms. She: unemployed). Liabilities $152,829.07. Assets $90,602.
George P. Jones and Altha M. Jones, 937 W. Indianola Ave., Youngstown 44511, (He: none. She: baker, self-employed). Liabilities $72,731.87. Assets $46,470.
Joyce L. Congemi, 9110 North Lima Road, Apt. 4, Youngstown 44514, (payroll associate, Mahoning Youngstown). Liabilities $22,533.98. Assets $33,850.
Elizabeth Marie Snyder, aka Elizabeth Vennetti, 60 S. Portland Ave., Youngstown 44509, (communicator, Infocision). Liabilities $74,326.74. Assets $36,000.
Carla Rochelle Sanders, 1822 Paisley St., Apt. 6, Austintown 44511, (Delphi Packard Electric). Liabilities $31,200.82. Assets $2,850.
Erica L. Bellamy, aka Erica L. Thomas Bellamy, 1870 Cordova, Youngstown 44504, (sealer, Cantar). Liabilities $38,549.39. Assets $3,413.75.
Karen Lynn Olenick, 3701 Villa Marie Road, Lowellville 44436, (CT Tech, Humility of Mary Health Partners). Liabilities $28,610. Assets $8,634.
Rosemarie R. Garling, 1262 S. Turner Road, Youngstown 44515, (receptionist, Dr VanReese). Liabilities $6,579.23. Assets $2,300.
David A. Shears and Mary A. Shears, 28 Crabwood Court, Youngstown 44515, (He: none. She: none). Liabilities $157,659.08. Assets $85,800.
Stephen James Yoder and Kerry Denise Yoder, fka Kerry Denise Gorman, fka Kerry Denise Stanish, 1980 Weston Ave, Youngstown 44514, (He: manager, First Amercian Cash Advance. She: auditor, First American Cash Advance). Liabilities $76,655. Assets $61,730.
Shelly Lynn Cassiday, aka Shelly L. Cassidy, 27 Wildwood Dr., Youngstown 44512, (sales, The Home Depot). Liabilities $134,375.50. Assets $71,065.
Chapter 13
Ronald E. Adkins, 5705 Baylor, Austintown 44514 and Pamela S. Adkins, 4125 Stratford Road, Boardman, (He: painter, self-employed. She: unemployed). Liabilities $239,715. Assets $148,650.
Gisela Foley, 2803 Brunswick Road, Youngstown 44511, (part time cashier, Home Depot). Liabilities $27,300. Assets $2,125.
Lurita Louise Goosby, 556 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown 44502, (packer, Dairy Farmers). Liabilities $4,600. Assets $2,363.

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