Schools save $500,000 through initiatives

POLAND -- In the village schools, it has paid off to be energy-conscious.
District Superintendent Dr. Robert Zorn told the school board at this week's meeting that the district saved almost $500,000 this school year by adopting energy-conservation measures.
"It's good for the taxpayers and good for everybody," he said.
Zorn also said that the district's efforts extended to the reduction of carbon monoxide and greenhouse gases through reduced vehicle use and maintenance.
"We calculated that we reduce emission of greenhouse gases by 2,773 tons a year, which is enough to fuel 547 mid-sized cars," he said.
Zorn said that school building staffs were asked to turn off lights and adjust thermostats when classrooms were not in use. Some schools also replaced 30- to 40-year-old boilers and put water heaters on timers.
"Our staff was really on board with this and supportive," he said.
Zorn said that the energy-saving plan was supported by House Bill 264, state legislation that provides schools with loans for systems and technology upgrades that would normally be taken from general funds. Schools submit a plan that must be approved by the state.
The districts in the HB264 program repay the cost through the energy savings they achieve.

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