Commissioners work to help preserve historic documents

WARREN -- Trumbull County commissioners agreed to pay $44,900 Thursday for equipment that will increase the longevity and reduce damage to historic county documents.
Indus MIS Inc. of Hinckley received the contract for purchase of a large format color stationary book scanner, to be used in the archives department of the recorder's office.
Nearly 5,000 annual visitors to Trumbull County's archives over many years have taken a toll on the historic documents kept there for public use. Some of the bound books date back to 1795.
The records are kept in climate-controlled storage in the Stone Building.
The new equipment can scan the large book pages and then keep the images for computer and microfilm use.
The money comes from the recorder's equipment fund.
Using this scanner will eventually cut down on the amount of handling the books require as people leaf through them for research and other projects. Over time, entire volumes could be saved to files that the public can access. As the books are scanned they also will be repaired, when possible.
The volumes include court dockets, deeds, probate records, marriages, births, deaths, estates, taxes, auditor's transfer records, infirmary records, military records, grave registrations, naturalization records, recorder's papers and more.

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