Getting a good night's sleep
Your sleeping environment could be keeping you awake. Here are some tips for a good night's sleep from home-improvement store Lowe's:
Set the thermostat at 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower temperatures promote sleep.
Use foam earplugs or a fan to suppress noise.
Hang light-blocking window treatments to shield outdoor light and muffle noise.
If you need some light to sleep comfortably, install a dimmer switch.
Paint the bedroom blue, violet or green. Cool, soothing colors provide a sense of calm.
Avoid using loud and brightly lighted alarm clocks. Place the clock out of view, because looking at it continually causes anxiety.
Refrain from watching TV or reading in bed if your partner is trying to sleep. If you must read, use a small-wattage light bulb.
Use a humidifier if dry air is a problem.
A hot shower or bath -- particularly a whirlpool bath -- before bedtime can loosen muscles and encourage relaxation.
Source: Knight Ridder Newspapers

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